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Why I Started Blogging

I’ve only been blogging for about six weeks but I’m absolutely loving it so far! I’m connecting with new people, feeling motivated and just generally happier in myself. Before blogging, I was feeling pretty fed up and…

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Autism Diagnosis: What Happens Next?

My son, Max was recently diagnosed with autism and I think I’ve just about got my head around that, but what happens next? Where do we go from here? What help, if any, is available to us? At…

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An Autism Diagnosis: The Day We’d Been Waiting For

My son has autism. But despite suspecting this for a long time, nothing can prepare you for how it feels when it is confirmed by a medical professional. Monday started out like any other day,…

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Autism: Our Story So Far

The main reason I started this blog was as a place to talk about autism and somewhere to vent when I’d had a bad day. But so far I haven’t spoken about it at all,…

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My Cervical Screening Story

This week is cervical cancer prevention week here in the UK and so I thought I would highlight the importance of cervical screening by sharing my story with you all. I want to start by…

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