10 GOOD Things About Autism


I’m ending World Autism Awareness Week with a positive post. Some days having a child with autism is really tough, in fact most days there are times when I feel like giving up. It’s a challenge that’s for sure. But it certainly isn’t all bad, so let’s celebrate the positives!

*Please note, I realise that autism effects people differently and not all of these points will be the same for everyone. This is specific to Max*

1. Always interesting

There’s never a dull moment with Max, that’s for sure. He’s always got something to chat to you about, questions to ask, things to do. It’s very interesting to observe his little world from the outside.

2. Independant

Max wants to do everything for himself, he knows his own mind and although this can sometimes be challenging it’s nice to know that he has that confidence in himself.

3. Memory

He has an absolutely amazing memory. He will often surprise us by coming out with things that happened a couple of years ago and it’ll take us a moment to figure out what it is that he’s talking about, but he is always right. He never forgets names either.

4. Clever  

He’s very eager to learn and is always asking questions. He has an interest in words and letters and is getting on really well with reading and writing at school because of that.

5. Dancing

Max loves music and dancing. He can watch a music video once or twice and remember all the dance moves! I’m thinking of taking him to dance classes because he’s showing a real interest and talent in it.

6. Passionate

He is extremely passionate about the things that he is interested in.

7. Unique

He is different, but he is not less. He has his quirks and they are what make him who he is, if he wasn’t autistic he wouldn’t be Max.

8. Honesty

Max finds it impossible to lie and I believe this is true of a lot of people with autism. Which is great for me as his mum because it means I can find out which one of them drew on the wall pretty easily!

9. Perfectionist

Maybe being a perfectionist isn’t always a good thing but it definitely it can be. I think as he gets older, with school work and with a career this could be a real asset to him.

10. Brilliant imagination

I’m sure I have read that children with autism tend to not have much of an imagination, this couldn’t be further from the truth in Max’s case. He has a very vivid imagination and enjoys role play.

Thanks so much for reading 🙂


  1. April 10, 2016 / 2:30 pm

    Sending love to you and to Max. He’s a lucky boy to have such a loving and understanding mum xxx

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