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Our basset hound puppy, Poppy is now nine months old! I had planned to write this post at six months and then again at 12 months but I have been so busy recently that I’m only just getting around to it. But better late than never, right?

I wanted to share a little about how the past few months have been with a puppy around and of course a few photos. I actually haven’t got as many photos as I would have liked because Poppy chewed up my memory card, which happened to be the one with most of my photos of her on! So unfortunately some of the photos in this post I’ve had to save from Instagram, so they aren’t the best quality.

At nine months old Poppy no longer seems like a puppy. For the most part she looks and behaves just like an adult dog – she sleeps for a lot of the day, enjoys her walks and loves food. So a pretty typical dog!

As adorable as she was as a puppy I am so glad that we are out of that stage now. She was a bit of a nightmare for biting as a puppy and we started to wonder if she would grow out of it! But not long after her adult teeth came in she gradully stopped which was such a relief as it was becoming difficult for the kids to be around her at times because she just wouldn’t stop biting them.

She is completely toilet trained which is great. I’d say that by the time she was four months old she was pretty much completely toilet trained. We did have a bit of a spell where she was going to the toilet in her crate during the night. I took to Instagram to ask for advice and everyone said to give her less space, so that she basically only has her bed to sleep on and no room to be tempted to go to the toilet. We tried that and ever since then she hasn’t gone to the toilet during the night.

Our next challenge will be to get rid of the crate, but I worry she won’t know what to do with all the space and will be tempted to go to the toilet on the floor, or chew something she shouldn’t. She is only in her crate when we go out and at night, as I work from home so I’m with her pretty much all of the time.

The only real problem we have with her at the moment is walking. She really loves walking and I take her out twice a day. But she has to sniff everything, and is a bugger for eating things off the street! There’s times when I feel like I am just dragging her around the streets because she just won’t move, and she is incredibly strong! It’s so frustrating. So if anyone has any suggestions they would be very much appreciated. Of course she is a basset hound so it’s just natural instinct for her to want to sniff things, maybe we just need to accept that.

We’ve been on a few holidays since we got Poppy back in September and we are very lucky that each time a family member has looked after her for us. With our last dog, he would to go in kennels (he was a handful and we couldn’t really expect anyone to look after him for us) but we feel Poppy is too young and nervous for kennels at the moment. She loves other dogs and people but she can get anxious at times and I’d hate to leave her somewhere she wasn’t completely happy.

At her last check up at the vets she weighed a whopping 22kg! So when I said earlier that she is strong, you can understand why. Adult basset hounds can weigh up to around 28kg so she may still have quite a bit of growing left to do.

Her favourite things at the moment are James, digging, cuddles, food and sleep. Oh and snow, she absolutely loved the snow we had this winter.

On the subject of vets – she has had a trip to the vets very recently after she hurt her leg. She had been off her food for a few days, which is very unlike her. And then out of nowhere she started limping on one of her back legs so we took her to be checked out. The vet said she had most likely sprained it (we had no idea how she’d done) and gave her Metacam for the pain. After a couple of days she was back to usual self and she’s had no problems since.

A few months ago we had started thinking about whether we might want to breed Poppy in the future. It wasn’t something we had planned to do, it certainly wasn’t why we got a female dog in the first place. We did some research and had a good think about how it would work but we have now decided against it. With two young children and a pretty small house, I just don’t think it’s realistic for us. She actually had her first season a couple of months ago which was… an experience! So the vet has advised that we get her spayed within the next couple of months, which is what we are planning to do. I will update on how it all went in my next update which will be in a few months time.

I think that’s all I have to update on and seeing as I’ve managed to ramble on for over almost 1000 words now, I reckon that’s enough. But if you do have any questions please do leave me a comment.

Here’s a few more snaps of Poppy from the past few months…

Thank you for reading.



  1. May 3, 2018 / 7:38 am

    Awww shes so cute Emma, so sorry to hear about the memory card did you lose a lot of pics x

    • Emma
      May 4, 2018 / 2:24 pm

      Yep there was loads of pictures on it 🙁 Luckily a lot are on here, thank goodness for blogging! x

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