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Food is often used to define a country and its culture and when you visit somewhere new in the world it’s a great idea to try the local dishes and get a true flavour of the nation, in every sense of the word.

Canada offers a unique mix of culinary and cultural influences and here is a look at some of the top treats that are well worth trying while you are there.

Distinctly French

There are numerous culinary treats that have originated from French Canada and one of the most popular dishes in that respect would be poutine.

Many would argue that Poutine is probably one of the country’s defining dishes and almost any diner that is offering fries on the menu will offer poutine.

A traditional poutine consists of a peppery gravy sauce and cheese curd that you cover your fries with.

Look out for “peameal bacon”

If you see this on the menu and are offered the chance to enjoy a peameal bacon sandwich, you will notice the difference between this unique Canadian offering compared to traditional bacon.

This Canadian bacon is made from lean pork loin that has been brined before being rolled in cornmeal, and is a popular treat with many locals.

A proper pick-me-up

Originating from Calgary, the Caesar is a distinctive cocktail that sells by the millions each year and has even evolved to become a garnish served in some restaurants with different meats.

The main ingredients of a Caesar are clamato juice, vodka, and Worcester sauce, served in a glass with a salted rim. Rather like a “Bloody Mary” drink, but the Clamato is a commercial drink that mixes clam with tomato for a distinctive twist.

Ask for a plate of BeaverTails

If you see these on the menu, don’t panic, they are actually a colloquial name for a flattened donut without a hole.

If you are staying at somewhere like the Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites, it is likely that you will find a BeaverTails nearby, as there many outlets throughout the country selling this quintessential Canadian dish that was first created in Ottawa.

A prized pastry

Sometimes the simplest dishes are the best and butter tarts have been a staple of Canadian cooking for generations.

The only debate to be had about these rich tarts is whether you have one with raisins or without, as these prized pastries are enduringly popular in bakeries everywhere.

A classic French Canadian dish

If you fancy a warming bowl of soup there is a good chance that your eatery might have split pea soup on the menu.

The original recipe can be traced back to 400 years ago and what was introduced by a French explorer has subsequently become a traditional classic French Canadian offering in homes and restaurants throughout the country.

Fill yourself up on Tourtiere

If you have a big appetite and like a real meaty dish, look out for a Tourtiere on the menu.

Filled with ground pork, beef, game, or veal and mixed with a generous helping of herbs and spices, this flakey pie is a real treat and it will often prove a challenge to finish this hearty traditional offering.

If you try any of this tasty treats while you are in Canada you will definitely get a flavour of the nation.

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