Should I Just Accept My Body As It Is?

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If you follow my blog or social media accounts you’ll know that I’ve been trying to lose weight for the past couple of months, but I’ve hit a wall and I’m really struggling to keep going at the moment.

It’s not that I wasn’t seeing results, because I was, just very very small losses and I guess I got fed up. I always do this with diets, I try to tell myself that it isn’t a diet and that I’m just eating better but I can’t even stick to that! I guess the truth is I like food too much and don’t like feeling restricted.

Over the Easter holidays I’ve also struggled because the kids have been off school, we’ve been eating out, there’s been chocolate and I’ve just been enjoying myself and not thinking about calories or how much exercise I’ve done.

My plan was to start the diet again on Monday, when Max goes back to school and we have some normality back in our lives. But it’s got me thinking about why I’m even doing this and why we put so much pressure on ourselves to have the perfect body.

I feel like I’m constantly striving to get my body back to what it was before I had the kids. Maybe I need to admit that that just isn’t going to happen?

Going through pregnancy and becoming a mother changes your body, and it won’t ever be the same again. I’m not just talking about those few extra pounds (or stone!) that I’ve gained but my body shape has changed too. My thighs are bigger, my boobs aren’t as perky, I have a mum tum, my hips are much wider and I’m covered in stretch marks and cellulite. Most of that won’t change with weight loss.

So I feel like I’m at a point where I need to start accepting my body for what it is now and stop beating myself up so much. Yes, I have wobbly bits but my body has created two lives, it’s been through a lot and I should be proud of that!

Yes, I would like to carry on trying to lose a few pounds, but nothing drastic. I think as long as I’m eating relatively healthy, and I’m not overweight, that is completely acceptable.

What do you think? Do you agree that we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect? Should we just learn to accept what we have?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Jenny
    April 25, 2017 / 12:50 pm

    I’m over weight, but to be really honest, I don’t care any more, I like my food, I comfort eat and the kids don’t help with stress, I try to eat healthally but again it doesn’t help when the kids don’t like what I want to eat so I end up with something fattening and quick to make, I try lots of walking but can only push myself so far because that then sets my backache off, I can’t win, I need help but am stuck in a rut xx

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