Weight Loss Diary #2

weight loss

Each week I let you all know how much weight I’ve lost or gained in the hope that I can keep myself motivated. If you haven’t seen last weeks weight loss diary, you can read that here.

Here’s how I’ve got on this week…


So last week I weighed 11st 8lb, today I am 11st 8lb 10oz. So I have actually gained 10oz.

I’m feeling really dishearten by this and this would usually be the point where I would give up. I know it’s because I haven’t done enough to see a loss, but I am surprised at the slight gain.


Over the past week I feel like I’ve done much better with food. It definitely isn’t a diet but I’m actually really proud of how I’ve controlled the binge eating in the evenings. My plan was to get in some healthy snacks to have in the evenings but I’ve found that if I eat something, no matter how healthy it is, it will just spiral and I’ll end up binging. So I think I am actually better to not have anything at all.

I’ve also done better with lunch, and have made the effort to actually make myself something, rather than snacking on rubbish.

I felt like I had really achieved something with cutting out the binge eating this week which is why I’m so disappointed that I have gained weight.


We had an exercise bike arrive on Tuesday and my plan was to use that a few times this week but we’ve been so busy that we only ended up getting it out of the box on Friday. So I’ve only used it once so far, for about 15 minutes. I’ve also tried to do a bit of walking a few times this week as well. Not great exercise, but still an improvement on what I was doing.


This week we are away in North Wales, so I’m not sure how that’s going to effect my weight loss. It will probably mean that I’m doing more walking than normal which is good, but I will more than likely eat more too!

I have decided that weighing myself on a Monday is not the best idea after the weekend, so I’m going to change the day to a Friday. So the next update you will see from me will be Friday 24th March.

Good luck to anyone else that is trying to lose weight and I hope you’ll come back next week to see how I’ve got on.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. March 13, 2017 / 5:16 pm

    I’m trying but it so hard Emma. I’m doing more walking but that’s about it for exercise xx losing weight is soooo hard when you love food so much, and I do plus wine ha ha xx