5 Reasons to Choose Laminate Flooring for your Home

laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a fantastic choice for any home, and particularly those with pets and/or children for many reasons. We actually have laminate in our house so I can say first hand that it is an excellent choice if you are looking for new flooring.

Here are five reasons why laminate flooring is worth considering for your home…

1. It’s easy to clean 

Unlike carpet, which can get very dirty and would require you to hire a professional carpet cleaner to deep clean it, laminate is super easy to keep clean. It can be hoovered, swept and mopped so is really hygienic when you have little ones around when compared to carpet.

2. It’s cheap 

Laminate flooring has to be the cheapest quality flooring option out there. Flooring supplier Floormaker sell a wide rage of laminate flooring from as little as just £6.11 per m2! So if you’re on the look out for new flooring, Floormaker are the place to go for cheap laminate flooring.

3. There are so many options

Whatever style or colour you are looking for there is sure to be a laminate flooring option perfect for you and your home. I am particularly loving the patterned options as well as the gorgeous parquet styles around at the moment. Here are just a few of the gorgeous laminate flooring options available at Floormaker…

4. It’s low maintenance

A high quality laminate flooring will last you for many years without much maintenance at all. For me, laminate is the best option when compared with carpet or solid wood flooring which both wear over time and require a lot of upkeep. When you have pets and children in your home, you need to know that your flooring will stand up to all the wear and tear over the years and laminate has certainly always given us that piece of mind.

5. It’s easy to install 

Unlike solid wood flooring or even carpet, laminate doesn’t need to be fitted by a professional. It’s actually really easy to install by yourself. There are so many guides out there on the internet and even how to guides on YouTube, so there’s really no reason to pay out extra for someone else to fit it for you.

Do you have laminate flooring in your home?

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