Our Bedroom Makeover Plans

So as Evie’s bedroom is very nearly finished now, we have decided to move on to our bedroom next. Our bedroom is my least favourite room in the house, it’s so full of stuff and has no real style to it. All the furniture is old and falling apart, it’s definitely time to spruce it up!


Here are some photos of how the room currently looks. Please excuse the poor quality photos, no amount of editing or attempting to take a good photos was going to make this room look good!

As you can see, it’s an attic room, so it’s really big but also awkwardly shaped because of the sloping ceilings and it’s quite difficult to fit furniture in. On one side we have our bed, opposite is the window, chest of drawers and other storage. Then in the middle of the room is our huge wardrobe and opposite that is a little feature wall that we created in an attempt to make the room look a little bit nicer.

The plan

Our plan is to get rid of the wardrobe, it was bought second hand so it’s old, falling apart and I just don’t like anything about it. We want to then move the bed to the middle wall, where the wardrobe currently is. The wardrobe will be replaced with rails, which I want to put in the area where the bed is now. I’m considering then either getting sliding doors or even just a curtain to hide that part of the room, which will essentially be a wardrobe/storage area.

In terms of repainting, I am happy with the white walls and I would paint the entire house white if I could! But I think we will move the feature wall to the opposite side above where the bed will be. And perhaps go for a grey colour block instead as I think that will match the colour scheme I have in mind much better.


Here are some ideas I have for the room…

Shelving unit – Wayfair – We are desperate for storage in our bedroom and this would be perfect. I really love the urban style of it and it’s great that you can alter it to any arrangement you like.

Lamp – Wayfair – I am loving the style of these lamps, they are exactly what I’ve been looking for and a bargain at just £27.99 each!

White bedding – Next – All of our current bedding is patterned and quite colourful but I think that plain white bedding is going to look so much better with the new look and feel of the room.

Bed – DFS – We have actually already ordered this bed, and I cannot wait for it to arrive, it’s gorgeous! Our current bed is black faux leather and I remember really liking it when we first got it but it’s another one of those things that I really don’t like anymore and can’t wait to see the back of!

Drawers – Skandium – Now this is not a cheap item but I think when you’re redesigning a room it’s a great idea to invest in a statement piece of furniture. Not only is something like this great quality but it makes a big impression.

Sliding doors – B&Q – If we decide to go for sliding doors in our room then these are the kind of style I would go for, and fixings and accessories from barrier-components.com. I had thought that having mirrored doors on our wardrobe would make the room seem bigger but in reality they didn’t make much difference and they just constantly had finger prints all over them, never again!

Dressing table – Made.com – I’ve always wanted a dressing table but I’ve never really had the space for one. I love this one and can picture it sat underneath the window. Now just to convince the husband that I need it…

Rail – Habitat – As far as clothes rails go, I think these are pretty cool looking. Although I’m sure once I’ve put all of my clothes on it it won’t be looking quite as cool anymore!

What do you think to my bedroom makeover plans?

Thanks for reading.


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  1. January 27, 2017 / 11:48 am

    It’s so hard when the room is an unusual shape, they look good but so difficult to fit in the furniture. My daughter has the attic room in our house and when we moved in and the room was empty we thought it was a great space until it came to furnishing and decorating. She’s designed it herself and it’s looking good now. I’m liking your ideas, especially the bed, it does look cosy.

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