Choosing the Right Shower for Your Home


We all know how popular showers are. These days, homeowners are opting to rip out their bathrooms and replacing them with wet rooms or shower enclosures.

There are various reasons to use a shower over a bath, including wanting to save money, reduce the impact on the environment, and free up more space in your home. If you are considering installing a shower in your home then this post is for you. Below you’ll find information about the different types that are available and explain some of the things you need to consider when deciding which one to install.


Perhaps the first consideration is how much space you have available. Working this out will help to narrow down your options and determine which shapes, and types you can consider buying.

The position of your drainage pipe

If you are replacing an existing shower, you may want to take the position of your current drainage pipe into consideration. By far the easiest way to replace a shower tray is to buy one that has the same dimensions and a drainage hole that is in the same place. Taking means that you will not have to adapt the existing waste pipe to be able to connect your new shower up to the drains.

Who will be using the shower?

You also need to think about who will be using the shower. If you have children you will need to make sure that they showerhead can be adjusted, so that they can use it.

Safety features

In a bathroom environment, safety is an important consideration. When you choose a shower think about whether it will be safe for all members of the family to use. You may be fine using the type of shower tray that you have to step up to get into. But, that same shower tray could easily prove lethal for an elderly member of your family who could struggle to lift their leg high enough and fall over as a result.


You also need to think about how easy it will be to keep everything clean. If there are just two of you installing one of those new circular shower cubicles is a viable option. Most days it will only be used twice, so wiping it down with a cloth is manageable. But if you have kids, the fact the shower cubicle could be used five or six times a day means that you would soon tire of cleaning it every time. In that situation, a far better option would be to have a tiled shower cubicle built. All you would need to do then is to run a squeegee over the walls once a day.

Where to buy

You can buy all kinds of shower enclosures from The fact that they offer a price guarantee means that they usually offer the best deal, as well as plenty of choice and a good level of customer support. If you are planning to do the installation yourself, having access to help is an important consideration.

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