What Would your Dream Home Look Like?

dream home

I know I can’t be the only one that sometimes finds myself daydreaming about what my ideal home would look like? How many bedrooms it would have, all the space for the kids to play, a big garden, driveway, more storage space etc. I’ll often find myself flicking through home magazines, wishing my house looked like the ones on the pages. Or browsing Rightmove for houses that are way out of my price range. Perfectly normal behaviour, right?

So here is what my dream home would look like…

The house

The house itself would be big, but not huge. It would be relatively modern, but still have some character about it. It would have a driveway, which is something that we don’t currently have and are desperate for. It would have a minimum of four bedrooms and be light, bright and spacious throughout.

The garden

First and foremost the garden would be low maintenance. We have artificial grass in our current garden and we love it. There is nothing in our garden that needs maintaining, which is perfect for us as we are just too busy for gardening. So my dream garden would have much more space for the children and the dog to run around but still be minimal, modern and definitely low maintenance.

The hallway

This may seem like an odd one to mention but our current house is a terraced house and we don’t have a hallway. We use our back door as our main entrance which means you come straight into the kitchen/dining room. So shoes and coats just get piled on any available surface and it drives me mad. I dream of a house with a hallway so that we can have some proper storage space for shoes and coats.

I would also love a beautiful staircase like the one shown in the picture above. There are plenty of staircases for small spaces that have a simple design and that would make a huge difference in a hallway area. The job would be easy, since you can buy staircases online now.

The kitchen/dining room

I would love to have a large open plan kitchen and dining room area with velux windows to let lots of light in. And bi folding door that open out on to the garden. Decor wise I would keep it pretty simply with white kitchen units and walls and modern furniture.

The lounge

I really do love our currently lounge but as with everything in our house, it is small. So a larger lounge would be great. We would have wooden flooring throughout the whole of the downstairs though, rather than the carpet we currently have. I just feel that with pets and young children, carpet just isn’t practical.


We are lucky that our children have their own bedrooms at the moment and that would be the same in our dream home. There would be a minimum of four bedrooms though so that we could have a guest bedroom, which would come in really handy for us when people visit.

The office

I would absolutely love to have my own home office. It’s something that we just don’t have the space for at the moment so instead I work from the sofa or dining room table. It would be lovely to have my own work space that I can shut the door on and forget about at the end of the day.

The bathroom

We currently have just one bathroom, which for a family of four just isn’t enough in my opinion. Ideally I would like a large family bathroom, a downstairs toilet as well as an ensuite. That way the kids can stop arguing over who needs to use the bathroom more urgently!

So that’s what my dream home would be like, what about yours?

Thank you for reading.

*This is a collaborative post*

*Images from Pinterest and Righmove*

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