All Grown Up! How to Update your Daughters Bedroom

daughters bedroom

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It seems like only yesterday that you brought your little baby home from the hospital and they slept close to you in their little Moses basket. Then before you knew it they were in a cot in their own little room…over time that cot changed into a toddler bed and now they’re in their “big girl” bed!

As they’ve grown, they’ve had their favourite books, their favourite soft toys sitting on their bed waiting for bed time, their trusty nightlight, room decorations and more that over time have come in and out of fashion and favour. But when your child is heading toward their teenage years they may start to find the peeling pink ballerina wallpaper a little embarrassing when their friends come over…let the embarrassment end here! Here are few tips on how to make your daughters room much better suited to their age…


Chances are, you daughter’s room has boasted the same flooring since the day they were born. It’s probably endured a lot too! Spillages, leaking nappies, milk, sick, baby food, pens and paint – a rich tapestry of your daughter’s early years no doubt! So, why not totally refresh the room and remove the carpet?

A wooden flooring company could provide some brilliant alternatives to that tired old carpet. Laminate is on trend, and doesn’t go out of style. It’s also pretty durable, so when your daughter is sneaking hot drinks into her room, or having snacks with her friends – spillages and stains on the floor will be one less thing for you to worry about!


Is the old teddy bear wall paper with flowery boarder looking a little dated and babyish for your daughter? Chances are they’ve probably tried in vain to cover it with posters of their favourite bands or films.

Once you’ve chosen a colour that’s better suited to your daughter, why not leave one wall free for her to unleash her creativity? A wall specifically for photographs of friends, gig tickets, her own artwork, printed selfies, posters, quotes or whatever speaks to them best.

Light it up

An old lampshade with their once favourite cartoon character has probably had its day…why not invest in a warm overhead light? A standing corner light is a great way to introduce light into all corners of the room and not forgetting: Add a touch of magic with some fairy lights!

That’s right – not just for Christmas, you can purchase a wide range of fairy lights online in all kinds of different styles (not just your flashy Christmas tree ones) many of these are battery operated too rather than having to be plugged into the mains – so you don’t have to worry too much about your electricity bill!

Mirror, mirror

Teens are conscious of their appearance, so add a beautiful mirror to your daughters room. The mirror coupled with the great lighting will make for perfect make-up station (if that’s what your daughter is in to!) Mirrors also add depth to a room, making the room seem bigger and brighter.

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