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Most of us only really spend time in our garden during the summer months and don’t even consider going out there in winter. But just because is colder doesn’t mean that you can’t still enjoy your garden. There are lots of ways to make the most of your outside space during the winter months, whether you’re a keen gardener or not, there’s something for everyone to do…

Plant evergreens

Make the most of your winter garden by planting some evergreens. Evergreens, as the name suggests, are plants that have leaves all throughout the year. They are always green and make your garden look full of life, even in the coldest of winters. Some examples are euonymus, lavender and daphne.

Make the most of your greenhouse

When it’s cold outside, you might not want to spend lots of time out there, so making the most of your greenhouse is a great idea. Use the time to tidy up and prepare for the coming months. If you don’t have a greenhouse, Two Wests have a great range of greenhouses, polytunnels, sheds and many other garden supplies.

Enjoy winter flowers

Flowers aren’t just for summer. There are lots of winter flowers that will bloom and add some colour to your garden at this time of year. Snowdrop, crocus, pansies, jasmine and heather are just a few beautiful plants that will flower in winter.

Attract wildlife to your garden

Why not try to attract some wildlife to your garden this winter? This is a particularly fun one if you have children. You can get them to help you put food and water out for the birds. For bees, you can create twig piles that they may set up home in. You can also plant winter flowers as mentioned above, which will help our bee friends survive the winter.

Veg patch

If you have a veg patch then you can absolutely still make use of it during winter. There are lots of winter vegetables that can be harvested at this time of year. Such as cabbage, sprouts, onions, garlic, broad beans and many more.

Do you still use your garden during winter?

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