Max’s Bedroom Plans


We have had plans to redecorate Max’s bedroom for such a long time, even since before we did Evie’s room back in January! But we keep putting it off because it is just such a huge job. He has a really big bedroom, a lot of toys and at the moment very little storage. Quite honestly it’s a mess and I’ve been finding it easier to just shut the door on it and forget about it, but I can’t do that forever and it’s now time we sorted it out.

We did make a small start on it a couple of months ago and then stopped for some reason. We got rid of his old wardrobe and chest of drawers and bought new ones. We sold the ugly old IKEA Expedit unit that had his toys in as we planned to buy something better. And we moved his bed to a different place in the room. And that’s pretty much where we are now.

So the plan is to repaint his walls, white again. Gloss the doors and skirting boards because they’ve gone all gross and discoloured. Buy some proper toy storage and get everything nice and organised for him.

Here’s a few decor ideas that I have…

1. Desk – £100.50 – Maisons Du Monde – The one thing Max has asked for in his new room is a desk. I love this one from Maisons Du Monde but also love retro school desks. Online auction sites are a great place to find pieces like this, I’ve recently discovered BPI Marketplace who have some great vintage pieces in their home and garden section.

2. Teepee – £95 – Vertbaudet – The children would love a teepee to play in! I’m just hoping that we will be able to fit one in the room.

3. Cactus cushion – £22 – Not on the High Street – I love cactuses so can’t resist this cute cushion and I know Max will love it too.

4. D.I.Y banner – £10 – This Modern Life – I love that you can put together any words that you want with these banners, I’m thinking ‘Max’s room’ above his bed would look great.

5. Bedside table – £47 – VertbaudetI am in love with this bedside table and what an absolute bargain for just £47! Verbaudet have some lovely nursery/bedroom stuff in at the moment, definitely worth checking out.

6. Cloud bedding – £55.99 – This Modern LifeI’ve been after some cloud print bedding like this for ages. Sadly this set is sold out, I am just hoping it comes back in to stock soon.

7. Wall prints – various – – As the walls are going to be plain white, I’d like to jazz things up a little with some cool wall prints and garlands. have some great prints, the Hendricks gin one in our dining room is from there too.

8. Cushion – £19.19 – Maisons Du Monde – I think that cushions are a great way to add a pop of colour to a room and this one is gorgeous, and my favourite colour! Maisons Du Monde are definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for new furniture or home accessories, they have some lovely pieces at the moment.

9. Storage – £58 – IKEA – I’m not totally decided on what storage to go for yet, so any suggestions are welcome. I do love this one from IKEA though and I like that it’s available in lots of different colour options.

What do you think to our plans for Max’s bedroom?

Thanks for reading.

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