Top Tips for Designing a Modern Office Space

modern office space

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Experts have said that it is time to modernise office design to keep employees engaged and interested whilst at work. Workspaces should be flexible, provide distinct spaces for employees, and encourage movement. Many modern companies have already done a great job of introducing these aspects into their office design. Here are some tips for when it comes to designing a modern-day office:

Hide the wires

To start with you must ensure that you keep wires out of sight and keep the areas that surround desktops and other electronic devices tidy. Wires, PCs, docking stations, paper and personal items can make your well-furnished office appear muddled. Even top of the range conference tables can appear cheap if there are wires tangled around each other underneath it. Luckily, more and more manufacturers are coming up with solutions that are clean and trouble-free to provide a simple solution to these issues.

Giving your office an outdoor touch

Nature can potentially play a big part when it comes to office design. Using recycled wood, bare concrete floors, and incorporating floral patterns can create a dazzling office fitout with a modern look. These have become office design trends mainly because they bring the outside into your office. It is the natural and cosy touch that will make these patterns even more popular in the coming years.

Multipurpose workstations

In the past couple of decades there have been rapid changes in the design industry. Cubicles are vanishing, and even their substitute (the bench) is being overthrown by non-assigned seating. Executive suites are also going against these archaic trends; multipurpose spaces can now be used for multimedia presentations and casual breakout. Many people now use oval-shaped desks, which allow 4-6 people to meet conveniently. There has also been a shift towards adjustable tables for meetings, to accommodate those who normally stand.

Lounge areas

It is now common practice to implement a dedicated lounge area in to your office to make the working environment more enjoyable. These areas can be used by employees on their lunch breaks or just if they need time to brainstorm away from the hustle and bustle of the office environment. They can also be used in meetings where you are trying to present a relaxed and stress-free vibe to your staff.

Mixing different textures

In the modern design era, a common theme when it comes to a complete office refurbishment is to use a variety of materials throughout the workplace as opposed to just using just one for continuity. This is to generate environments that influence productivity and encourage out of the box thinking. Products with a diverse range of materials give designers an opportunity to be innovative and daring; using colour and texture to bring out an inspiring and personalised result that is sure to go down well with creative employees.

Eliminating permanent layouts

Flexibility is a designing trend that is growing in popularity. Conventional office spaces and stable layouts are on the way out and on the way in are ever-changing work environments. You can mix modular components, stack and move them around, resulting in numerous combinations for a lively and concerted workplace.

Using industrial designs

This is conceivably one of the most popular pieces of technology when it comes to modern office design, as evident in many start-ups. Modern industrial office design will do away with the compactness of your office room. It will also provide spacious areas that will encourage efficiency and group effort among your workmates or employees. Besides, using metal, rustic designs and greeneries in premeditated areas in your workstation will make this model exceedingly alluring to the modern-day worker.

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