Autism Workshop #1


A couple of weeks ago we went along to our first autism workshop and although I wasn’t sure what to expect we actually learnt a lot and took away some valuable advice.

Me, my mum and my husband all went along to the workshop. My mum had been with me when the autism nurse came to visit the week before, so some of it was stuff we’d already spoken about then, but it was good for James who hadn’t been there.

The main theme of this workshop was Understanding Autism Spectrum Disorders and it covered thing such as

  • What ASD is
  • How it can effect children
  • Local support
  • Common sleeping problems
  • Eating problems

The workshop lasted about three hours, and I found myself wondering what on earth they were going to talk about for that amount of time! But there is SO much to learn about autism and the time past really quickly.

I find it all so interesting, it’s amazing how things just click and you suddenly understand why he behaves like he does in certain situations. A big part of why I think I struggle so much with Max is that I don’t understand why he is acting the way he is, but things are much clearer to me now.

There was lots of other parents, carers and grandparents at the workshop, and we were all asked to introduce ourselves at the beginning. It was nice to see that there were other parents of five and six year olds there, it feels strangely comforting to know that we aren’t alone in this.

I was surprised by the number of parents of teenagers who have only recently been diagnosed. It just goes to show that autism can present itself very differently in different people, so whereas in Max’s case it’s been pretty obvious to see from a young age, in others it isn’t like this at all.

There was one lady, who’s son was diagnosed with autism, and then her daughter and then both her and her husband! All within a few months, I find that absolutely fascinating! It’s like once your child is diagnosed, you start to notice things in yourself too.

The next workshop will cover behavioral problems and how to manage common difficulties in children with ASD, I’m really looking forward to this as this is an area that we really need help with. The next workshop was supposed to be on the 22nd June but it clashed with Max’s school sports day, so we had to rearrange. I will be sure to update you all after though.

I plan to write a few more blog posts in more detail covering some of the things I learnt at the workshop, I found them really helpful so I hope that they can be just as helpful to others.

Thanks for reading.


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