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Whether you work from home or in a large office, having a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work space is key to keeping us happy and motivated. If we are content in our work environment we are more likely to be productive. Read on for 8 easy ways to update your office space…

1. Lighting

Lighting is really important in any office space. Look for ways to bring as much natural light into your office as possible. Usually this isn’t an issue in modern office buildings, but if you do have limited natural light, your artificial lighting should improve the atmosphere and ambiance of the space. You will want to make sure you have good lighting in place for the winter months when employees are likely to be working during darker hours.

2. Office pods

Office pods and acoustic seating pods are a great addition to any office space. They allow people the quiet, uninterrupted time they need to get some work done, hold a meeting, take a phone call or video call etc. Not only that, but they will look super stylish in your office too.

3. Desks

A good desk is so important. It should be big enough for you to work comfortably without it getting cluttered up. It should also promote good posture, so you don’t end up with any back pain. Depending on your needs, you many wish to consider a space saving wall mounted desk, or maybe a lightweight one that can easily be moved around.

4. Chairs

Desk chairs are often something that is overlooked. People will buy any old chair that looks nice, not considering how ergonomic and comfortable it is. A good desk chair can be rather pricey but this really is where your money should be spent, as it is so important. If you aren’t comfortable, you won’t be productive. You should be able to adjust the height of your chair, the arm rests and recline position.

5. Decor

The most obvious way to update your office space is to re decorate. This will really help to freshen up your work environment. You may want to keep it light and bright with a lick of white paint, or add some colour. There are lots of great ideas for office decor over on Pinterest.

6. Storage

A cluttered desk is definitely not going to help anyone to be productive. Make sure you declutter and organise your desk regularly and have suitable storage space. The quote “tidy house, tidy mind” most definitely applies to our work spaces too.

7. Add some plants

Believe it or not, plants have actually been found to reduce stress levels and increase productivity. Not only that, but they will make your office look great too!

8. Fun accessories

Of course an office should look professional, but there’s no harm in adding some colour and fun accessories. This may just be in a break room for example, this really helps people to unwind and switch off from work for a period of time.

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