Balancing private professional lives

As you may know, it has been more than two years since I started this blog. I decided against going back to a nine-to-five job to live from my passion: blogging. Not only did working for myself gave me more flexibility but also required a great deal of self-motivation. At first, it felt like I added new tasks to my to-do list. It might seem obvious now, but for a while, food shopping was listed right by content writing.

Needless to say, I rapidly became miserable and discouraged by my lack of productivity. Being at home full-time, I was putting my little ones and husband’s needs ahead of mine. Of course, that did not benefit my blogging career.


After long hours of sharing my frustration with my husband and self-reflection, I finally understood why my work productivity level was so low. Working from home did not mean that I was wearing my mum hat full-time. Thus, I forced myself to go to a café to write and manage my blog. When my schedule was tight, I dedicated some time to sit at my desk and write. Although it felt weird at first, this boundary helped me to separate my blogging activity from my personal life. I explained to my husband my new “working hours” so that he could take care of our little ones during that time. I still have this ear-dropping tendency when I hear one of them cry, but I trust my husband to handle the situation and come to me in case of a real emergency.


Naturally, the boundary also applied to my to-do list. I learned to make two separate ones: one for the house and one for my work. As it became clear that doing everything listed was impossible, I learned to prioritise on each list. I have to admit, it was frustrating, and I had to work hard not to give myself a hard time for the few points that I was crossing out. I was especially reassured and inspired by content creators who were sharing similar struggles. For instance, Jeff Gross, who’s in charge of his professional and vlogging careers, also learned the importance of prioritising the most important things, instead of trying to do everything. As you know, I quit YouTube recently; a decision which was influenced by my urge to prioritise. I enjoy writing more than filming, thus I decided to focus on my blog.


Time and reflection also taught me how to organise and schedule my working hours. I am grateful to have the flexibility to plan my week the way I like. The notion of prioritising also gave me the idea to schedule weekly time slots dedicated to my loved ones. I pick up my little ones after school and love hearing about their days; I cherish the dedicated moments I have with my husband. I gained valuable time with my loved ones while staying on top of my writing schedule.

Love and Attention

It is so easy to put pressure on ourselves to give the best to our little ones and support our partner. Baking a cake will put a smile on their faces but offering yogurt or fruit for dessert won’t make them cry. All they want is your love and attention.

Thank you for reading.

*This is a collaborative post*