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Many cannabis users turn to vaping as it is a healthier and safer choice. The demand for vape pens and cartridges is on the rise. Manufacturers are coming up with newer products with different sizes and strengths.

Vaping is a personalized experience. The same strains and similar strengths do not have an equal effect on everyone. Many newbie vapers often wonder how long their vape cartridge will last. It depends on how often you vape, what CBD vape pen you use, etc. But the article will give you a generalized idea about how you can calculate the number of puffs you can get out of your cartridge.

What are vape pens and cartridges?

A vape pen or vaporizer is an electronic device you need to vape herbs. The main distinction between smoking and vaping is that no combustion occurs in the second place. The battery heats the coil when you turn on the vaporizer. And the adjacent vape oil vaporizes.

A cartridge is a refill that carries the e-liquid. Some devices come with a tank system, and some need cartridges to run. Battery, atomizer, and e-liquid are the three most crucial parts of a vaporizer. Many of these devices activate when you draw a puff, and some of them have specific buttons for activation.

There are also different types of coils. Convection and conduction coils are the two most famous types. MODs and PODs are the newest versions of vape pens. They have many features like digital screens, temperature control, a pricey oven, etc. So, the expense can vary too.

What types of vape cartridges are available in the market?

People vape for different purposes. Some want to relax, some want to enjoy the medicinal benefits, and many enjoy the recreational benefits. The primary categories for vape cartridges are,

  • Nicotine cartridges
  • Cannabinoid vape cartridges (CBD, THC, etc.)

Disposable vape pens come with a pre-filled e-liquid cart and a use-and-throw battery. When the power drains out or the cartridge finishes, you have to throw it out.

How many puffs can you expect from a vape cartridge?

You cannot measure how many puffs you can get out of a cartridge. It depends on the size, the strength of the e-liquid, and the duration of inhalation. A single cartridge can produce 50 to 300 puffs relying on these factors.

The benefit of carts is that you can easily control the amount of the product you take. If you buy a large cartridge, it will give you more hits than a smaller one. Similarly, if your vape oil is not strong enough, you will need more puff to get the desired effect. As there is no combustion, no product goes to waste.

On average, a 0.5-gram CBD vape cartridge can provide 50-75 hits, considering an average-sized puff of 3 seconds. Generally, the oil in the carts is not visible from the outside. You will feel the vape liquid is losing its flavor or potency when the cartridge is almost empty.

The size of puff you exhale after each draw will also start to decrease when it is close to empty.
So, when you feel the puff is not as potent as before, try to replace the cart with a new one.

How long will a vape cart stay good?

CBD carts do get expired like any other wellness product. THC and Nicotine cartridges also have an expiry date. Most people go through their vape carts way before the expiry date. A vape liquid stays good for almost one to two years. A cartridge contains CBD concentrate, different terpenes, and carrier oil (like vegetable oil or coconut oil, etc.).

All of these ingredients start to degrade over time. So, even if it does not make you physically ill, you would not get the benefits of cannabinoids by inhaling them. Also, you might feel undesirable effects if you vape those carts.

Is it harmful to smoke an expired cart?

If you accidentally vape a CBD cart that has crossed its expiration date, do not worry. It is unlikely that it would cause any harmful side effects. Most people feel almost no noticeable effects when they inhale the product. The alternative ingredients present in a cartridge facilitate the process of degradation. Even if the carrier oil stays fresh, the CBD concentrate breaks down with time.

An expired cart can drastically change its looks and texture; it can also smell different or weird with time. Most people find the experience unpleasant vaping a worn-out cartridge. You might feel tempted to use an expired cart, especially if it is expensive. But it is not worth it.

What are the things you should consider while buying a vape cartridge?

With different brands, the quality of cannabis products differs a lot. The FDA of US has not approved these products yet. So, many illicit people are taking advantage and producing low-quality products that have harmful effects on your health. There are a few things you should consider while buying a vape cartridge.


You want the product to be “value for money.” Try to compare the price, potency, and size of different brands’ carts before settling for one. A cheap one might not always be cost-effective, and an expensive one may not always be the right choice. Choose a cartridge with good potency and size that fits your budget.


A potent vape cart will last more, and you will need a less intense puff to get the desired effect.
So, the cart will last longer, and you will need to vape less often. According to the potency and tolerance, you can measure the dosage.


You can find many delicious flavors for vape cartridges in the market. Some brands have more options than others. Vapers enjoy the fruity and exotic taste of the clouds. You can also switch between flavors for fun.

Brand reputation:

You have to buy from a reputed and top-rated brand. High-quality products will provide you with a satisfying experience.

A top brand will show you its third-party lab test results. Many brands also sell their products with a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, purchase a high-quality vape cart and enjoy vaping.

Thank you for reading.


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