fall fashion 2018

*This is a guest post*

Summer is almost over which can only mean one thing. Autumn! It is time to update our wardrobes and stack up some fall worthy outfits. From cashmere shrugs to overcoats, there are limitless options for styling in this season. Today, I will be listing the four biggest trends for this fall.


Is it really a fall season if you do not have your jackets out? Parkas and bomber jackets never go out of style. They are cozy and trendy, the perfect combination for your fall fashion checklist. If you ever feel particularly daring, you can always opt for a red coloured parka; it is a classic. Some of the most loved colors in jackets are brown, navy blue, and black. What is great is that these are also available in FR clothing. Learn more about FRC here.

Animal PrintsĀ 

Who does not love a good leopard print? Nowadays, prints have taken over almost every apparel. This fall you can pair your top with cute snake print trousers or pair a leopard print sweater shirt with dark blue jeans. The variety of options is enormous. The most fun part about animal print clothes is the freedom to experiment with your look. You can try different prints like snakes, leopards, cheetah, tiger, zebra etc. All these prints come in fun colours like blue, pink, red, purple as well as the natural colours of the animal’s skin.


The essence of every outfit in fall are boots and more specifically, long boots are the heart of a perfect autumn attire. You can wear long boots with or without heels. Whether it is a knee-high or ankle-high boot, this simple footwear adds an extra oomph to your overall ensemble. They are available in the usual colours of brown, black and grey. You can opt for numerous styles. You will see boots adorned in many sequins, glitter and fur fringes, which contribute to the design. When worn with the right pair of jeans, it can look very bold and chic. You really can’t go wrong with boots. No matter what colour or design you wear, they will always look good as long as they complement your outfit.


Plaid has been around forever. This preppy pattern is also ruling the fashion community. It works well for casual and formal wear. It is now available in not only collar shirts but also coats, skirts, and scarves. You can also find full suits in plaid pattern. A red and black print is an eye-catching mix. It gives off feisty, trendsetting vibes. There is also something cozy and homely about plaids. The great thing about them is that you can easily wear it with another pattern. You can create a contrast in your outfit as muted checks and plaid prints make a very good combination with floral prints. Quite comfortably, there is room for experimentation when fusing different colours and prints with plaids.






Thank you for reading.