smoking affect appearance

If you are a smoker, you’ll already know all about the nasty effects it can have on your health. However, did you know it could be ruining your looks too?

There’s a lot of ways smoking can affect your appearance and none of them are good! Here, we’ll look at some of the most common ways smoking can affect how you look.

It ages the skin

One of the most significant ways smoking impacts your appearance, is by aging the skin. There’s even been studies carried out which have shown people naturally find non-smokers more attractive. This was discovered after participants were shown photos of twins, one who smoked and one who didn’t. The majority of the time, the participants chose the non-smoker as the more attractive sibling.

It’s well known that smoking accelerates the aging process and it’s all thanks to the fact that smoking impacts the blood supply which is generally needed to keep the skin looking young and healthy.

Staining the teeth, a not-so-beautiful shade of yellow

Another drawback of smoking is that over time it starts to stain the teeth. Your beautiful white teeth will start to turn a not-so-beautiful shade of yellow. Many smokers agree that they’re ashamed of their teeth and try to avoid smiling in photos because of them.

If you’re having trouble quitting, but you’re worried about your teeth staining, you can always switch to vaping instead. There are many options to help you stop smoking, one of the most common nowadays is switching to vaping as is not as harmful to your teeth and general health. Brands such as VIP offer liquids suitable for all smokers that in the long run will help you save money as well.

Greyer, thinner hair

As you age, your hair automatically starts to turn grey and become thinner. We’ve already established that smoking accelerates the aging process, so it’s no surprise to learn that smokers tend to have thinner, greyer hair than non-smokers.

According to experts, it’s the toxic chemicals contained within smoke which causes the DNA within hair follicles to become damaged. It’s even known that men who smoke have an increased risk of losing all of their hair than non-smokers.

The above are just a few ways smoking can impact your appearance. So, if you want to avoid looking older and developing yellow stained teeth, you’ll want to quit the habit and switch to a healthier alternative. There’s a lot of ways to quit rather than just going cold turkey such as nicotine patches and vaping.

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