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Lush Valentine’s Haul

Lush Valentine's

I recently popped into my local Lush store, just for a little look around. I still have lots left over from Christmas so didn’t want to buy too much, but of course ended up with much more than I planned! Most of this is from the Valentine’s range but I did pick up a couple of other bits too, which I’ve mentioned down at the bottom.

You can watch my YouTube video here or scroll down for the blog post.

The Kiss Lip Gloss

The Kiss lip gloss add a subtle hint of colour to the lips. It’s infused with Shea Butter so leaves your lips feeling beautifully soft and smooth, and also smelling amazing! I’ve really been enjoying using this, it’s perfect for every day use when you want to add just a little bit of something to your lips but also keep them moisturised at the same time.


Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

Rose Bombshell might just be my favourite product from this haul. It’s rose scent is really lovely and reminded me of turkish delight, yum! I also love that it has dried rose petals inside which float along the surface of the water once the bath bomb has dissolved. The rose petals along with the lovely scent really reminded me of making rose perfume in the garden when I was little, did anyone else used to do that?!


Cupid Bath Bomb

How cute is this one? I simply couldn’t resist. Cupid is brand new for 2017 and I’m hoping it comes back again next year as it’s a really lovely product. It scent is quite floral but also fresh and uplifting at the same time, thanks to the lime oil and fresh raspberry juice. It is only small but that is reflected in the cheaper price.


Lovestruck Bubble Bar

I have admit that I was a little bit disappointed with Lovestruck. I was enticed by the cute design, I mean who doesn’t love a heart eyes emoji? It has a strong smell, and one which I don’t think is typical of Lush. It made my bath water look quite a murky dark yellow colour, not quite how it appears on the website. I was also quite disappointed with the bubbles, which definitely aren’t as good as the Unicorn Horn for example.


Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar

The bubbles that the Unicorn Horn produce are crazy and my bath was literally overflowing with them! It looks amazing, smells amazing, the name is pretty amazing too, what’s not to love?

Relaxing lavender oil meets mood-brightening neroli in this lustre-filled bar. Neroli oil increases serotonin levels in the brain which makes us feel contented and cheery, so you can ponder the existence of magical creatures while building a fairytale landscape of feel-good, fragrant bubbles.


Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

Another one of my favourites, Lover Lamp is everything that I love in a Lush bath bomb. It smells gorgeous, thanks to the vanilla and Cocoa Butter and I am a total sucker for anything that smells like Cocoa Butter! The little red hearts are made from Cocoa Butter too and just melt into your skin, leaving it feeling super soft and moisturised.


Refresher Shower Jelly 

This one was Evie’s choice as she’d been playing with it in the store. I have had shower jelly’s in the past but I’m not a big fan, however I do think that they are great for kids are they are lots of fun to play with. As you would expect the Refresher Shower Jelly smells very fresh and citrusy thanks to the fresh organic lemon infusion, perfect for waking you up first thing in a morning.


While I was browsing in the store, I got chatting to one of the lovely Lush ladies who offered me a few testers. She asked me lots of questions about my skin and showed me how to use the products, which was great. So I came away with tester pots of the Ultrabland cleanser, Vanishing Cream moisturiser and Angels on Bare Skin fresh cleanser. I can’t wait to try these out!

Thanks for reading.