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A New Love for Vintage Clothing

I’ve always really liked vintage clothing and admired people that can pull it off, but I always thought that I wasn’t ‘cool’ enough for it. Recently I’ve rediscovered my love of vintage and decided to just go for it and experiment a little with my style. I’m never going to be someone who dresses head to toe in vintage clothing, but the odd piece worked into an outfit I find works well for me.

What I love the most about vintage clothing is that it is unique, it’s not like wearing your new Primark dress, going out and seeing three other people wearing the exact same dress. I also love the story behind vintage clothing, whether you’ve been given a piece by a family member or you bought it from a charity shop, there is always a story behind it and there’s something very special about that.

Here are some of my favourite items that I’ve picked up recently…

All of the above (apart from the dungarees) are from charity shops and cost just £1.99 each! I am completely in love with the skirt, the print is so fun and very me. The shirt is another favourite, I just had to remove the shoulder pads. I’m a sucker for anything leopard print so of course I couldn’t resist it.

Where to shop

Charity shops are a great place to start, I really enjoy rummaging through the rails and that feeling you get when you find a  hidden gem. You can pick up some absolute bargains in charity shops, as I mentioned above, all of my recent purchases were just £1.99 each! But on the downside, some people may not fancy having to look through a lot of rubbish in the hope of finding something they like.

If you aren’t a fan of charity shops then eBay is another great place to find beautiful vintage pieces. I’ve picked up some great items over the years and you can get a real bargain.

Another place to find vintage clothing is online shops. I have recently discovered a website called Rokit which has a huge range of vintage clothing. They not only sell womens clothing but mens, kids and accessories too.

Here are a few of my favourite pieces from Rokit…

Yellow silk blouse – £24, Leopard print coat – £60, Floral mini skirt – £20, Dungarees – £35, 70’s midi skirt – £35, 70’s mohair cape – £65, 70’s navy dress – £40, 60’s blue knitted dress – £65, Yellow jumper – £35

What are your thoughts on vintage clothing? Yay or nay?

Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. January 23, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    I love shopping in charity shops…you never know what you might find haha. I do like vintage but I don’t think I could pull it off..I have a vintage blouse and skirt I wear with more modern stuff which are cool. I love animal print too x