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Most of us are guilty of sometimes heading to bed without removing our makeup after a long day at work. While this may not seem like a big deal to many, neglecting to take care of our skin can actually lead to several skin problems in the future. This is because throughout the day, our skin accumulates several components like makeup residue, pollutants, and dirt which can easily clog up our pores. Failure to remove them can result to breakouts and in certain cases, even speed up the aging process caused by habitual skin care neglect.

To achieve radiant skin in the morning, we need to get serious about out nightly routine with IPKN. Here are important tips to remember to achieve better skin in the morning:

Remove makeup

This step is one of the most crucial steps when it comes to achieving radiant skin. First, remove makeup residue by using gentle makeup removers that come in gentle formulas. For people who are looking for organic alternatives, coconut oil is an effective makeup remover with antibacterial properties that keeps your skin looking fresh.

To use, simply dab some extra virgin coconut oil on a cotton ball and massage unto the skin, wipe off with a facial wipe and see how dirt immediately transfers to the paper easily!


Cleansing the face helps remove dirt while also cooling down the skin. Wash your face with special cleanser made especially for your skin type. Use cold water to help seal up pores and prevent dirt from seeping  in. Pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid rubbing your face as this can irritate your skin.

Exfoliate once a week

Exfoliating the skin helps remove dead cells while encouraging circulation to help rejuvenate appearance. To prevent excess stripping of our skin’s natural oils, exfoliate only once a week to help regulate blood flow without causing irritation.


Toner helps even out skin tone while restoring the skin’s pH levels. Look for gentle and alcohol-free formulas to prevent irritation. For an extra boost, look for products with antioxidants like Vitamin C to keep your skin soft and radiant.


Moisturising helps lock in hydration so your skin doesn’t wake up dry in the morning. For a much needed boost, consider using an overnight mask or sleeping pack treatment since it won’t leave any product on your pillows or sheets. These special products also help lock in moisture while promoting cell regeneration which usually happens when we sleep.

Additional tips

Aside from these helpful steps, one should also consider making sure their sleeping experience is a relaxing and skin-friendly one. Here are some examples:

Keep hair neat

People with long hair may need to keep them away from the face since our hair also absorbs dirt and grime we accumulated throughout the day. To prevent hair damage, many suggest wrapping your hair in a silk scarf which keeps it cool and tangle free.

Use silk or satin sheets

Cotton pillowcases and sheets draws away moisture from the face during sleep which makes us look tired and sleepy in the morning. To help lock in moisture, use silk or satin sheets which are cooling and comfortable.

Apply lash serum

Applying this lash serum before bed could make your lashes look fuller and thicker in as little as 4 weeks. It contains powerful ingredients such as biotin, keratin and peptides, to nourish and strengthen your lashes.

Sleep on your back

Out of all the sleeping positions, sleeping on your back is cited as the most ideal since it stabilises the spine while also preventing our face from forming marks. Side sleepers and stomach sleepers may notice temporary marks on their face when they wake up in the morning. This is usually caused by the wrinkles on our bedsheets and pillows which can leave funny looking marks on our skin. While these marks are temporary, people who are significantly older may have more noticeable lines and wrinkles since our skin’s collagen production slows down as we grow older.

There are many advantages to establishing a nightly skincare routine. One is that it teaches us to be disciplined when taking care of our appearance through active treatment and prevention. Next, is that it saves us time from piling on the makeup the next day since we don’t need to use too much coverage to achieve healthy skin. Another is that is helps keep our face looking young and supple by improving circulation, thus slowing the aging process. Finally, nightly skin care rituals actually help us relax as we take the necessary steps to help our skin breathe.

Thank you for reading.

*This is a guest post*