sandal trends summer 2019

Sandals, sandals, sandals. I am never happier than when my feet are out of winter boots and trainers and into a pair of summer sandals! I have quite the collection but I’m always on the lookout for a new pair. I’ve been browsing the shops recently and I thought I would put together a post all about this summers sandal trends, the ones that you’ll be seeing a lot of on the high street.

Some of these trends you might love, some not so much…

Chunky sandals

I think the chunky sandal trend is one of those that people will either love or hate. A bit like marmite. At first I was completely against it but you know what? I’m actually warming to it now. With the right outfit I think they look really edgy and cool. I’m still not convinced that I could pull them off but they do look great on some people. What do you think?

Sporty sandals

Another marmite one here…sporty style sandals. I’m afraid it’s a definite no from me on this one. You absolutely will not be seeing me sporting a pair of these any time soon. But let me know what you think, do you love them or hate them? Honestly, I will be suprised if anyone loves these…

Woven sandals

Now this is a trend that I can definitely get onboard with! Woven sandals and mules. These are absolutely everywhere at the moment and I can totally see why. Most seem to be the standard beige/cream colour but if you shop around there are some really beautiful coloured ones on the high street, which I absolutely love.

Strappy sandals

Strappy flat and heeled sandals are big this season. It’s a very 90’s trend, which I love! Most of the heeled strappy sandals you’ll find have a stiletto heel, which is something that we haven’t seen much of on the high street in recent years. Honestly I’m not the biggest fan of a stiletto heel and I find them quite tricky to walk in. But what about you? Are you a fan of stilettos?


Some of you will be pleased to hear that mules are sticking around for another year. Both heeled mules and flat mules are all over the high street just now, in various colours and styles. I have a couple of pairs of mules and although I do really like how they look, I don’t find them to be the most comfortable shoe. They can slip off quite easily, especially flat mules I find.

Platform and flatform sandals

Another 90’s trend making a big come back is platform and flatform sandals. I’m quite tall myself so I do prefer flat sandals to heeled ones, but I do like the look of these. Cheap womens sandals from Uppersole are great. All of the below sandals are from Uppersole and are fantastic value, I particularly love the middle pair…

What sandals will you be wearing this summer? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*