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You’ve just purchased a ticket to your first rave and are looking forward to RAVE DAY! Now comes the difficult part: deciding what to wear to a rave. Rave clothing is all about identity, and the options are endless.

Every rave is distinct in its style and mood. Whether this is your first party or you’re an experienced veteran, here are the crucial items you’ll need to feel rave ready.


This is one of the most well-known aspects of rave clothing and culture. Kandi can be used to personalize, define yourself, interact with other ravers, and propagate the values of Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, which are the four pillars of rave culture.

Create enough Kandi for yourself and others by getting together along with your besties ahead of time. Trading and gathering Kandi is a lot of fun, and it can introduce you to new people who will become lifelong friends. Seeing your possessions as you wake up can bring back a flood of memories.

Comfortable Shoes

When it comes to picking what to wear to a rave, your shoe selection is equally as crucial as the rest of your outfit. Make sure you ‘re wearing closed-toe shoes because you’ll most likely run into a few folks on the dance floor. Anything goes, from sneakers to platform boots to combat boots, as long as you are comfortable and believe you can walk and dance for up to 8 hours or more!

Unique Clothing

Rave clothing is both fashionable and practical. Comfort is just as vital as appearance when you’re out dancing for hours. Let your sense of style show at festivals, whether you’re down to sport sky-high platforms and a glittery corset or would rather wear a mesh top and fishnets. Pastel shades, trippy designs, and bold colors are always a good choice.

Ear Plugs

High-fidelity ear plugs are essential whether you wish to enjoy music later in life or simply keep your hearing in general. These noise-cancelling ear plugs will keep your ears safe from hearing impairment all night long without sacrificing music quality. When planning what to wear to a rave, keep ear plugs in mind.

You might also want to carry a pair of foam or ear plugs if you’re going to a camping festival. Nothing is more inconvenient than missing out on a good night’s sleep due to folks raving all night at the next site over. Rest up so you’ll be ready to go the next day.

Fanny Pack

Keep your belongings safe and secure so you can relax and enjoy your night. Wear a cute fanny pack with your rave clothing to keep your hands free while tearing up the dance floor. There are several stylish styles available that can help you complete your look.

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