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What the Kids Wore | Holly & Beau Colour Changing Raincoats

Holly & Beau

Last week we were very kindly sent new raincoats for the children, from Holly & Beau. Not only are these jackets bright and fun, which is right up our street, but they are also colour changing!

Holly & Beau was founded by brother and sister Jack and Fleur back in July 2012, after they both graduated from university. They noticed that children’s waterproofs tend to be very dull and wanted to put fun and excitement into welly wearing weather.

The pattern on the coats is white when dry but when it gets wet it changes in to beautiful bright colours. Getting caught in the rain has never been so fun, ey?

On the day that we took these photos there was no rain forecast so we decided to do the next best thing and took a spray bottle of water out with us! The kids had an absolute ball spraying each other and seeing the wonderful colours appearing before their eyes.

Not only do the jackets look great and change colour as if by magic, but they can also be packed away into a small pocket on the back!

Holly & Beau colour changing raincoats are made from breathable, lightweight and waterproof fabric. The jackets are lined with a super soft, thin fabric making them perfect for all year round protection against the elements. They are also machine washable at 30 degrees, so no need to avoid those muddy puddles!

I found the sizing to be quite generous so don’t worry about having to size up. I got the kids their current size and there is enough room for these to fit them for the rest of the year.

Holly & Beau colour changing raincoats are priced at £38.95 each and there are lots of fun designs to choose from, check out the range here.

Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. April 13, 2017 / 2:58 pm

    These look amazing! I’ve seen their ads on Facebook and I’ve been meaning to buy one for ages for my daughter – so cute!