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What the Kids Wore | New Winter Coats


We’ve had these coats for a few weeks now and I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while but have only just had a chance to get some decent photos of the kids wearing them. It was hard work getting these snaps¬†as they just don’t stay still for long enough! But we managed it in the end and I don’t think they’ve turned out too bad. Max’s modelling skills in particular are on point! ūüėČ


I had originally planned¬†to get both kids matching yellow coats, yellow really suits them both and I love it when they wear matching clothes (yep, I’m that mum!). I had my eye on one from Next for Max and I absolutely loved it, however when I was looking at it in the shop I realised that he would probably get it filthy, especially as he would be wearing every day for school.

I then saw this one from Next and fell in love with the colour. Not only is is a gorgeous¬†colour but it’s also a sensible choice for school and shouldn’t show up and the dirt or marks too¬†much.

The coat is lovely and thick, has a hood and is shower proof so perfect to see him through autumn and winter.

Max’s coat cost ¬£34.

img_3157 img_3160 img_3161 img_3164


I went with this ochre coat¬†for Evie, again from Next. I decided Evie would be OK with this colour as she’s not likely to get it as dirty as Max would!

The coat was £33 and I love the toggles and the applique detail on the back, so cute!

Again it is lovely and thick so will keep her cosy through winter and it’s also shower proof, so practical for those rainy school runs etc.

img_3185 img_3180 img_3178 img_3171 img_3175

What do you think to their new coats? Where do you usually buy your children’s winter coats from?

Thanks for reading.