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athleisure trend

It is a rare and wonderful thing when a fashionable look is also comfortable, practical, and suitably low maintenance to pull off even when you have hardly any time. That is why the advent of the athleisure trend is one that a lot of people are really hoping is here to stay – especially busy mothers who want to stay stylish but also have bigger priorities!

If you are not yet familiar with what the athleisure trend is, and how to make sure you are actually wearing the on trend look – not just throwing on some old sweats – then here we are going to look at the fashion, and some of the ways you can incorporate it into your casual style.

What is Athleisure?

As the name suggests, athleisure involves taking performance sportswear out of its usual context and turning it into streetwear. People have been doing this in different forms since the workout crazes of the 1970s lead to people wearing Lycra and legwarmers when they weren’t working out. However, the 2019 incarnation is a lot more stylish and allows you to mix athletic clothing with more usual casual pieces like skirts or purses, rather than relying on just looking like you are going for a run all the time. Naturally, the performance sports clothes, such as yoga pants, breathable jackets, sports bras, sneakers and shorts are comfortable and practical, and by buying chic pieces that are made to be worn both in and out of the gym, you can create fun, stylish and completely on trend looks that are so easy to wear.

So how can you incorporate this look into your life? Here are some ideas:

Designer Trainers

Because you are looking to make things that are often just seen as functional into statement fashion pieces, you can get a lot of athleisure style mileage out of a particularly eye-catching pair of trainers. Both sports brands and high-end fashion houses have some stunning statement sneakers available this season, which will certainly upgrade your casual outfits from drab to fabulous. Luxury online retailer SSENSE is a great place to look for designer footwear, with the latest in Gucci trainers, as well as gorgeous trainer designs by other coveted labels. Browse their range to find the perfect shoes to incorporate into our athleisure looks.

Ditch the Denim

A good way to wear athleisure is to try replacing your usual denim items with something from the trend. Consider switching to yoga pants instead of jeans, on trend bike shorts in place of jean shorts, and sporty jackets instead of denim ones.


Another good way to update casual outfits to get the best from the sporty trend is to use your accessories. Consider wearing a bold fitness watch like the Fitbit Versa in place of a regular watch, and consider sporty designs for things like glasses frames and sunglasses. This is another way to add some fashionable upgrades that are also useful and practical – one of the biggest points of athleisure!

Athleisure is a trend that seems to be here to stay, so why not try using it as inspiration and take your everyday low maintenance looks to a new, cooler level!

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*