Avoid Unnecessary Medical Attention

Modern medicine is relatively new, when you think of humanity in the bigger scheme of things. Consider this: until the 1700s, those who operated as “doctors” didn’t make any advancements beyond what the Romans had so many centuries earlier. It is only in the last 300 years or so that medicine has begun its exponential expansion. New discoveries are being made every day!

But until this recent expansion in knowledge, people were able to live relatively lengthy lifestyles with relatively little medical attention. Sure, not in Europe, where medieval hygienic dearth led to the black plague and 30-year life spans; but in many eastern Asian countries, and even in the middle east to a large extent (consider the Mosaic record), people advanced greatly in age; often further than modern norms today.

Many fishing villages in the Pacific have elders who live exceptionally long. In South Korea there’s an island of female divers who make a living free-diving and retrieving conch shells for sale. Some of those women are in their nineties. How are they doing that without the medicine available in the developed west?

Proper diet and exercise promulgate fullest flourishment of individuals. This keeps body and mind in alignment, reducing medical difficulties. But here’s the thing: even the most healthy people will come against medical difficulties at some point. Sure, it make sense to eat right and exercise, and every doctor will tell you to do this. But sometimes things happen.

Semi Considerations

For example, what if you’ve been eating right and exercising your entire life, you’re healthy, you’re fit, your mind is clear—and then some jackanape in a semi-truck decides to crash through your house at two in the morning, and you end up in the hospital for a year? Then you’ve got depression and physical therapy to deal with. Making a full recovery  may take a decade or more.

Beyond ensuring you and your family eat right, exercise regularly, and generally maintain good health, it’s also important for you to have physicians that are regularly available to you. The right family doctors in Jersey City can keep your young ones healthy. You need to know where good doctors are, and how to find them.

Understand that many experimental medical procedures define the industry, and always have. Some are good, some aren’t, and you need to know what is truly reliable. That which is cutting edge and untested may help you, or it may leave you worse off than you were. Still, it’s good to keep these professionals in your purview as well.

For example, body modification through cosmetic surgery is being pursued for more reasons than simple appearance. People are trying to find identity through certain medical procedures. Whether you’re getting a tummy tuck in Las Vegas, or doing something more drastic, the “city of sin” has quite a few options worth considering.

Strategic Living

If you’re going to keep healthy, if you’re going to stay physically fit, you’ve got to be proactive about it. Being sedentary and eating junk food will be bad for your body and mind. All the experimental procedures, all the cosmetic surgeries, all the most expert advice, pharmaceuticals, and illicit drugs in the world can’t possibly come against a will that is lost. So finally, in order to be the most healthy, the best doctor, and the best medicine, is joy.

You can’t be joyful in a vacuum, and it’s not something you can force. It comes from having meaning in life. Having meaning requires doing something. In short: find what you do best, and do it with all your might—as though you’re trying to please the programmer of the simulation of existence. And then have a few good doctors in your back pocket for when disaster decides to throw a curveball.

Thank you for reading.