Weight Loss Diary #5

weight loss

These weeks are flying by! I can’t believe I’m on to my 5th week now, I feel like I’ve only just started trying to lose weight.

This week has been an average one, I’ve done OK with food, not so good with exercise but have seen a loss, which is good but I’m struggling to stay motivated.

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So last time I weighed in at 11st 4lb 8oz. I am now 11st 3lb 10oz, so I have lost 14oz! Which is a loss of almost 1lb. My total weight loss now stands at 5lb (going by my heaviest weight of 11st 8lb 10oz).

Even though it’s a loss, I’m feeling a bit fed up with it this week. I’m trying to remind myself that it still works out at a 1lb loss per week and that slow and steady is the best way to lose weight if I’m going to keep it off. But I can’t help but wish I was seeing better results on the scales.


This week I have only had one cheat day where I had ice cream and wine in the evening, apart from that I have been really good. Oh, and I did have a mini creme egg too, but they are tiny, it doesn’t really count does it?

I’ve also started making an effort to drink more water and eat more fruit, whenever I get the urge to snack.


I haven’t done very well with exercise this week, it’s been a pretty busy week so exercise has had to take a back seat. I’ve managed to squeeze in one session on the exercise bike and one brisk walk, but that’s it. Must try harder!


Food wise, I’m going to continue doing what I’ve been doing this week, although it may be difficult with the kids off school for the Easter holidays as I imagine the need for wine and chocolate is going to be pretty strong!

I am going to really try and up the exercise this next week and aim for 5 exercise sessions. I might try and change it up a bit, and instead of just using the bike, I might head out for a jog. So wish me luck with that!

Good luck to anyone else that is trying to lose weight and I hope you’ll come back next week to see how I got on.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading.