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*This is a sponsored post*

Are you thinking about adding a bean bag to your home? Bean bags and so versatile and definitely aren’t just for kids, there’s some fantastic ones available for adults, and even for dogs too! There are many benefits to bean bag chairs that you may not have even considered, let’s take a look…

1. They look great!

The most obvious point is that they look amazing in your home. Big Bertha sell bean bags in a variety of different sizes, styles and fabrics so they can compliment your home decor perfectly.

2. Ultimate comfort

A bean bag offers you the ultimate comfort. Due to their polystyrene filling, a bean bag will mould to your body, offering you support that a normal chair or sofa can’t. I know from personal experience that once you sit on a bean bag it’s very difficult to get back up again because they are just so comfortable!

3. Portable

You can’t pick up a traditional chair and move it around from one room to another, can you? Not very easily anyway! That’s the beauty of a bean bag. My daughter Evie has a bean bag that she moves around her room, depending on what she’s doing. It could be doing homework, reading a book or playing on a game. She will also bring it downstairs to the living room whenever we watch a film together. I really don’t think we could live without our bean bag now, it’s so useful!

4. Helps relieve pain

As I mentioned earlier, a bean bag moulds to your body, offering support. This can help to relieve pain, such as back or pelvic pain by supporting muscles and joints. Bean bags can also help to correct poor posture. You can even get memory foam bean bags which are even better for pain relief.

5. Easy to clean

Many bean bags allow you to wipe them clean whenever you need to, which is great if you have children. And you can remove the cover on most bean bags and throw it in the washing machine. Making them so much easier to clean than your average chair or sofa.

6. Versatility

Bean bags can be used for many different things. It could be used in a cosy reading space, a comfortable spot to watch a movie, or maybe a gaming chair. You can even get outdoor bean bags for you to relax on and enjoy your garden.

Do you have a bean bag in your home? 

Thank you for reading.


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