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Bedroom Storage Tips with Bed Guru #StorageForTheWin

Earlier this year when we redecorated Evie’s bedroom we had to think very cleverly about storage due to her room being so small. In the next couple of weeks we are going to make a start on Max’s bedroom, which is such a cluttered mess of toys at the moment! Getting bedroom storage right is so important and especially in a children’s room, here’s a few tips that worked for us when organising Evie’s bedroom…


Firstly the most important thing to do when organising a bedroom is to declutter! We all hang on to things that we don’t really need, so be ruthless and get rid of some of that clutter. This alone will make such a difference to the room and allow you to move on to organising.


It may seem obvious but I think a lot of us are guilty of just throwing things haphazardly into drawers and cupboards without much thought. Doing this not only means that you can’t find things when you need them but you also end up using more space than you need to. Have designated areas for certain clothing items and consider using drawer dividers to separate items such as underwear.

Storage bed

There is so much space under a bed that often people forget about. We use the space to store Evie’s toys in boxes and while it is a great use of space, it can look a little messy which is why divan storage beds are a great idea. Bed specialist company Bed Guru have a great range of divan beds to choose from so if you’re looking for storage solutions they are definitely worth checking out.

Organise your wardrobe

There are so many clever ways to save space in your wardrobe including using space saving coat hangers, hanging multiple items from one hanger (see this post), using drawer dividers and many more. All of these ideas will help get the most out of your wardrobe space. Pinterest is a great place to start if you’re looking for wardrobe organisation tips.

Clever furniture

It’s a good idea to look at all of the furniture in your bedroom and think about how much storage space it is actually giving you, could it be better? Bedside tables like the one below are perfect as they provide plenty of storage space that is also hidden away, meaning there’s no unsightly clutter on display.


Do you fancy winning a divan storage bed for yourself? Bed Guru are giving you the chance to win a double or king size ottoman divan base, upholstered in your choice of 19 fabrics and worth up to £379! To enter simply click here and enter your details. Good luck!

Do you have any clever storage ideas that I haven’t mentioned?

Thanks for reading.

*In collaboration with Bed Guru*