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bedroom little lovely company

Last year we redecorated Evie’s bedroom and we were so pleased with it at the time. But since then it’s become overrun with toys, and it was in desperate need of a clear out.

Evie’s room is a box room so storage space is very limited. We make use of the space underneath her bed but she still has far too many toys for the small space that she has. So we got to work on clearing out some of the clutter to send to the charity shop. Once we’d cleared out the room a little we had a good tidy up and added in a few new accessories to brighten the room up a little. Her walls in particular were looking quite bare so I knew I wanted some banners or pictures to add some more colour to the room.

A Little Lovely Company got in touch and offered to send me over some items for Evie’s room, which was perfect as I absolutely love pretty much everything they sell! If you have never come across them before they sell a vast range of gorgeous homewares, decorations and gifts. The company was founded back in 2014 and now has over 90 employees and two flagship stores. The company is based in The Netherlands but they offer worldwide shipping.

Let me tell you, it took me quite some time to pick out a few items as everything on their website is so cute and absolutely perfect for Evie’s colourful bedroom.

First up I went for this cute little lolly garland…

Ice lolly garland – €4.95

I also went for a DIY  letter banner in pretty pastel colours. I’m sure you’ve all seen DIY letter banners around – you get a few of each letter and you can make up whatever words or quote you like. They are perfect for birthdays, announcements or just for decoration around the home as we have done. The pack includes 147 letters so we have plenty left over to use again at some point.

DIY letter banner – €12.95

Continuing with the lolly/ice cream theme that I seem to have started! I couldn’t resist these adorable little ice cream miniatures. They are the perfect size for Evie’s existing ice cream shelf. Don’t they look cute?

Ice cream minis (set of three) – €3.95

And I also picked out this ice cream light which gives off a lovely soft glow when turned on. This also comes in pink, mint and white.

Ice cream light – €8.95

They have lots of other designs of these lights including dinosaurs, unicorns, rainbows, whales and more. I also picked out this little deer one as it’s just so damn cute!

Deer light – €12.95

As I mentioned earlier, we are very short on storage space for Evie, so I decided to get her one of these paper storage bags for all of her stuffed toys. I really like how they look, the kids can decorate them if they want to and they are a total bargain!

Paper storage bag – €4.95

Finally I ordered this absolutely adorable watermelon popsicle cushion, to add to Evie’s already impressive collection of cushions!

Watermelon cushion – €12.95

What do you think to Evie’s bedroom?

Thank you for reading.

*We were kindly gifted the items mentioned in this post but as always all opinions are my own*