boys bedroom ideas

As much as I love Max’s current bedroom, we are hoping to move house in the near future so I’ve already been on Pinterest thinking about ideas for his new bedroom. I absolutely love decorating and interior design so I am always thinking about the next project.

Here are a few ideas that I have come up with so far…

Space saving bed

I would like to get Max a space saving bed for his new bedroom as they are a great way to make the most of the space you have available, especially in small rooms. You can get beds with desks, wardrobes and even dens underneath them. I think that we would go for one with a desk area underneath as Max is getting older and a desk definitely comes in handy.

Children’s Bed Shop have a great range of beds to suit any bedroom. Check out Children’s Bed Shop’s range of Julian Bowen midsleeper beds here.

Geometric walls

Something I am 100% decided on is geometric painted walls. I think they look really cool and fun, perfect for a child’s bedroom. It might be that I just do this in one corner of the room, rather than the whole space. And I’m not completely decided on the colour just yet, although I do really like the green colour below. What colour do you think I should go for?

Bright colours

One thing I absolutely love about Max’s current bedroom is the mix of bright colours. His walls are completely white which makes the coloured accessories really stand out. I wouldn’t go for a particular theme as I like a real mix of styles, patterns and colours. Multicoloured rugs, cushions, throws, lamps etc are a great way to brighten up a child’s bedroom.

Wall art

I am a big fan of wall art and there’s some fantastic children’s wall art on the market at the moment. Max has a few fun prints on his walls already and while we would reuse most of these when we move, I would like to add in a few new ones too. Framed prints and other wall art like the ones below are a great way to add colour and fun into a child’s bedroom, particularly when you’re on a tight budget.


We are very lucky that Max has a storage closet in his current bedroom which houses most of his toys. It’s fantastic as it means everything can be tidied away out of sight when it’s bedtime. It also means everything can be organised so that he knows exactly where everything is.

We don’t know that we will have this luxury in our next house, so storage is something we need to think about carefully. Pinterest is full of clever storage ideas which you can see more of here.

What do you think to my ideas so far? I’d love to know how you’ve decorated your little boys bedroom, leave me a comment and let me know.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*