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*This is a guest post*

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, homeowners have been using their gardens more than ever to exercise, relax and get some fresh air. As we move into spring, and as lockdown restrictions start to lift, I imagine we’ll be using our garden spaces even more!

If you’ve been thinking about re-designing your garden for a while, there really is no better time to make a start. We’ve got a few more months before everything returns to normal, so why not give your garden a fresh new look?

When you’re creating your perfect garden, think about the things you do in your garden most often. Do you host friend/family gatherings? Or do you go to your garden for peace and quiet? Your new garden should incorporate features that you’ll really enjoy and get lots of use out of.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions to get you going!

A patio for parties

One great feature that you could add to your garden for 2021 is a new patio. Patios are such versatile spaces, and unlike lawns, they don’t require too much maintenance. If you invest in high-quality outdoor tiles, you’ll be able to host summer parties without worrying about stains or slips. Tiles made of porcelain are naturally non-porous, meaning that the harshest red wine stains can simply be wiped away! So, if you’re ready to head into spring/summer 2021 with the perfect party pad, I’d highly recommend looking into a garden patio.

Somewhere to sunbathe

While we don’t always get consistently hot weather in the UK, we do usually get just enough sun to warrant a bit of sunbathing. You could, of course, pop a sun lounger on your patio, but nothing beats laying a blanket down on the grass and relaxing with a good book for a few hours.

If you haven’t already got a lawn in your garden, why not consider adding one? A green space will really bring your garden to life, and if you don’t fancy the hassle of cutting it regularly, you can always opt for artificial grass. Nowadays, artificial grass is high-quality enough that you’ll barely notice the difference!

Protection from spring showers

No matter how much we pray for sun, its guaranteed that we’ll have a few showers throughout spring/summer. If you don’t want to be caught off guard while you have guests, I’d recommend adding a sheltered spot. This could be anything from a large parasol over your garden table, to a permanent veranda/garden room. Having a covered space like this will allow you and your guests to stay dry without having to move into the house – ideal if we’re only allowed to meet people outdoors for a while.

So there you have it, a few different ideas to help you create the perfect garden for 2021. I hope you find some of these tips useful if you’re making a start on your garden re-design.

Thank you for reading.


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