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The Dream of Buying our own Home

dream home

I don’t know why but I always feel kind of embarrassed when I tell people this but we don’t own our home, we still rent. Being a bit careless with money in our late teens and early twenties and having our children young has meant that saving money for a deposit just hasn’t been possible.

Now don’t get me wrong we do save money and we have been lucky enough to receive some money from family but the size of deposit that we would need is just so hard to achieve. There have been times when we’ve just thought about giving up on the dream and accepting that we will rent for the rest of our lives, but we are determined to make it happen.

I don’t know about anyone else but I am always on property website, like Hatched browsing the houses for sale in our area. Even though I know we can’t buy just yet, I still like to have a look and imagine myself living there and even think about how I would decorate the rooms, I’m crazy I know!

When we do finally have the deposit saved and we are looking for a house, here is what our checklist will look like…


The kids are at a good school and are both settled, I definitely wouldn’t want to take them out and move them at this point. Although, when it comes to secondary school we may look at moving closer to a different one as the one that we are currently in the catchment area for is not great and I’m not sure how Max in particular would cope there.

Three bedrooms

Although at the moment the kids could technically share a bedroom, it wouldn’t be ideal as Max can take hours to fall asleep at night and it would be too disruptive for Evie.

Room to extend

When we do eventually buy, we want it to be our forever home so we would like to buy somewhere that could be extended in future should we want to.


We currently have a pretty small garden, it’s fine but ideally we would have more outdoor space for the children to play. They adore being outside and it would be great if they could have more toys out there and a bigger paddling pool to splash about in in the summer.


Ideally we would buy a house that has a driveway or at the very least one that we can park outside of. We live in a terraced house at the moment, with no driveway and on a very busy street. There are times when we can’t even park on our street and have to park on the next road along, which with two kids is a bit of a nightmare!


Do you own your own home? Or are you finding it hard to get on the ladder like us?

Thanks for reading.

*Collaborative post*


  1. Elisa Trueman
    April 27, 2017 / 6:10 pm

    I bought my own house after splitting with my ex. After the initial joy at owning something so big I quickly realised it wasn’t really mine but the banks and I was paying them rent. I was lucky to make equity when I sold it but I now rent and love it! I love someone else having to fix the things that break! There is definitely a stigma attached to being a ‘renter’ as opposed to an ‘owner’ tho. Hope you find your dream home x

  2. Kimberley
    April 28, 2017 / 6:42 am

    We are the same! We have two small children and decided in our mid twenties we would rather get married and have kids then than wait and save and save and not end up having kids until our mid thirties. I feel like we made the right choice for us but I definitely feel somewhat less of a grown up for not owning! There is a rediculous amount of pressure and expectancy to own in this country!