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nursery wallpaper

*This is a guest article*

Turn your baby’s nursery into the fantasy you have dreamed of and give the nursery a subtle or precise look. You can decorate a room with general panel coverings and rugs, but stickable fence covers have many benefits over basic fence covers. You can remove and reuse these coverings on the other wall because you have to remove these childish designs when your baby becomes a teenager. Let us explain some of its features like durability, Installment, variety, and cost.


How long do peel and stick wallpapers last? You will be amazed to know that they can last up to 15 years if you keep them clean and safe. You can easily remove them and reuse them but keep one thing in mind while removing not let the two adhesive sides connect with each other because you can not separate them without damaging them.

Easy installment

Easy installment is one of the biggest pros of this product. You can easily apply it to the smooth and well-primed panel. You do not need any adhesive to apply it because manufacturers use a proprietary kind of adhesive on the back to make it stick. You only have to remove the sticker and then apply. You can easily remove it by holding it from one side and then remove it parallelly by not giving too much force.

Regular Wallpaper Contrary to Removable wallpaper 

It has many benefits over regular panel covers.

  • When you remove common or vinyl wallpaper, it gives a glue residue, but our stickable wallpaper does not remain a glue residue.
  • Applying basic panel cover is not a piece of the pie. You have to hire labor for installing this, and it can be costly for you. But our plinth sticking papers are easy to install, and you can get the job done by yourself in less time.
Stickable Wall paste-up Contrary to paints

If you paint on the panel you have to do its touching after a few months to get a good finish, but our peel and stick nursery wallpaper does not need finishing. They remain the same where sunlight does not impact them.


Removable ones are budget-friendly than paints and basic fence papers. Some modern designs can be costly but not more than common fence coverings.

How do I measure the length?

Take inches tape or measure your wall’s length and width in inches and order fence paper for your room’s panel. You can also get online samples to check that they easily attach to your wall or not.


These fence paste-ups have a large variety of color schemes and design patterns.
You can pick out animation design patterns like superheroes for a baby boy or princess for a girl nursery.


I have discussed the features of their features and their preference over common wall coverings. Now you can select one of your choice and favorite colors. They have good quality and are easy to order. They are removable and long-lasting. A removable wall covering can bring different grace to the room.

Thank you for reading.


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