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I am so behind with writing this post that we are about halfway through decorating Evie’s room now! So far it’s been rewired, had a new radiator fitted, fully replastered, and we’ve painted the walls, ceiling and skirting boards. In a few weeks her new window is going in and then it will finally be time for the carpet to go down, woohoo!

We have had a bit of a set back this week though as we’ve had some cracks appear on one of her walls, due to the work on the kitchen that has been done directly below. The builder has assured us that it’s normal, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating as it’s a freshly plastered and painted wall that is now going to need redoing. Of course we want to check with building control before we do anything. So we’re taking a step back from Evie’s room for now so my stress levels can come down and we can figure out our next move.

Below is my original moodboard for Evie’s bedroom. A couple of things have changed slightly but the vibe is still the same.

We decided to keep the wardrobes that were in the room when we moved in. They were built by the previous owner and are really solid. So we’ve painted them in the colour blue 03 by Lick and added some cute rattan handles. It’s made a huge difference.

Evie’s walls will be painted white and one feature wall will be wallpapered. I had my heart set on the beautiful multicoloured leopard print wallpaper above, which is from Lust Home. But at £42 a roll, I decided to go with a dalmatian print wallpaper from Wilkos instead. If money hadn’t been an issue I would have gone with the original one but unfortunately we are on a tight budget and I just couldn’t justify that sort of money for wallpaper.

I will be adding some shelves in the alcove and a couple of prints to her walls. A lot of the other accessories in her bedroom we are reusing such as her headboard, bedding, cushions etc.

Below is what the room looked like when we viewed it in August last year…

And how it looks now. We still have a lot to do, but it’s looking so much better already.

What do you think to Evie’s bedroom so far?

Thank you for reading.


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