Home Staging and Why it’s Worth Doing

home staging

Selling your home is stressful and you’re often saying goodbye to a place that you have grown attached to. It’s a place where you’ve created many happy memories, but maybe you need to move on to take up a new job or to provide your children with more space. The fact that, often, you do not really want to leave but have to so for practical reasons means that the process of selling a home also leaves you feeling emotional.

Probably, the last thing you want at a time like this is to have to start thinking about home staging, but it really is a wise thing to do. Studies have show that those homeowners who take the time to stage their homes before they put them on the market sell for more, and faster.

Staging a home can actually take the pressure off rather than pile it on, at least in the long-term. Selling faster means you can significantly shorten the period of upheaval involved in moving. This enables you to move on and find a new home quickly.

Without a doubt, the extra funds that you secure from the sale of your old home will come in very handy when you move to your new one. You will have extra cash available to decorate and potentially could afford a slightly bigger house.

Also, the process of staging your home gets you ahead with your packing. This is because one of the first things you need to do when preparing to dress a property is to go through and de-clutter. You need to do this, so that prospective buyers can fully understand what your property has to offer.

This is much more difficult for them to do if every room is full to the brim with stuff. It is just too hard for most people to see past the clutter and visualise what it would be like for them to live there.

Therefore, you need to throw away anything that is broken or that you no longer use and anything that you want to keep, but only use rarely needs to be put away. The best way to do this is to pack it up into boxes and slide those under the bed or stack them in the corner of a wardrobe.

There are two main advantages to de-cluttering, which are related to your own moving process. De-cluttering considerably reduces the amount of stuff that you need to take with you. While packing items that are rarely used into boxes means that you will have already done some of the work you need to do to make your move. Therefore, you will not have to rush around so much as moving day looms.

If you want to learn more about home staging, you can do so here. The article tells you how to stage a property properly, and makes sure that you do not waste time doing unnecessary tasks.

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