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decorate new apartment

*This is a guest post*

Who isn’t excited about their first apartment? It makes you feel independent and free when you start to dream and plan how your new home is going to look. You can be as energetic or minimalistic as you want without the college dorm look. For an easy way to decorate your apartment without too much hassle here are some tidbits on how to make your residence a warm and welcoming home even if it is a studio.

1. Light it Up 

Light is critical to make any home seem more extensive and have an overall sense of hospitality. You can brighten any room with sets of hanging lights or use a tall lamp in the corner of a study or living room. You can even change the light fixtures from dull and outdated to hanging pendants for additional brightness.

2. Use a Splash of Colour

You can have the plain white walls, but the fantastic idea is to add colour to liven the feel of the home. It can either be an accent wall, or your furniture can be distinct colours to make a statement. You probably will want to choose a thematic element colour scheme or select only a couple of bright colours. You don’t want it to look like a bunch of crayons exploded in your home.

3. Small Places Are Cute Too

In a smaller home, it is a better idea to have more modest furnishings to achieve a grander scale look in the apartment. Get the love seat, an accent chair, or a small desk to seem spacious. You can always add items to the furniture so they will seem more significant.

4. Add Layers

For the bed and couches add pillows. It is still beneficial to add multiple pillows and prints for a layered look, which shows depth. Even when you chose something to add for the walls, make them pop out a bit with texture and thicker frames.

5. Add Some Wall Art

Whether you can afford original pieces or need a few knock offs from the department store, be sure to add some fun wall art. You may not want the corny posters from college anymore but decorate with some calming scenery paintings or black and white photographs for a more adult style.

6. Colourful Throw Rugs

Throw rugs give off the ultimate homey vibe. Your feet and eyes will thank you for selecting one that has colours or design that can add more life, even if it happens to be on the floor. Setting the rug in an area that isn’t too busy is ideal so it can be the central component.

7. Create Your Own Blanket

Everyone needs a few blankets for the house during those cold winter months, but you can design them by displaying your precious memories on them. Custom picture blankets are great to snuggle in and stay cozy but also seeing some great moment’s or people on them reminds anyone of home.

8. Creativity 

If you live in a smaller apartment, especially a studio, you may want to get a little creative for keeping specific areas separated. You can use room dividers, bookcases, a table, and even a bar cart so that your home is more compartmentalised.

9. Customise When You Can

It’s your place now, express yourself. You can customise your small knick-knacks or specific pieces in your home to make it feel more like yours and not temporary. For example, have your wine glasses or other kitchen items engraved with a saying, print, or colour that will bring out the more you in your apartment.

10. Windows

Nothing says adult more than curtains or upgraded blinds from the paper or plastic sets. From sheer to dark, curtains can highlight any room in your home. Use colour and fabric curtains for a more refined aspect.

Everyone should feel comfortable and happy in their home. There is an endless array of options for decorating your new home. Take the time to decide which ones will represent you and your style.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclosure – This is a collaborative post*