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*This is a guest article*

Many of us are now finding ourselves working from home. It’s something that you might have never thought would happen. The pandemic has caused a lot of people to re-think the space in their property and how they can use it even better. More people are now working out of a corner of their kitchen or living room, others have taken over the spare room or garage. Whatever your situation is, you can make your home office even better.

Use a Comfortable Chair

If you’re going to be sitting at a desk for hours on end you will need a comfortable chair. The best type of chair to sit in is an ergonomic one that supports your back. While you might be happy to use a chair that’s usually sat around a kitchen table, it won’t be very comfortable. The right chair is not only very comfortable, but it can help to prevent back neck, and shoulder pain.

Add some Decor

To make your home office your own, you could add some décor. This could include a few plants and even a few photographs. A lot of people also have handmade objects sat on their desks and even some pictures here and there. One of the best things you can do is to use glue to stick objects such as small figures to the desk to keep them in place. Make sure you know how to use it correctly so that the figures or photos stay in place.

Use Natural Light

Just because you’re no longer in an office doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some natural light. The better your lighting is the happier you will be. Try to work next to or very close to a window. This will help to improve your mood while making your working day seem like less of a chore.

Add Some Plants

Plants can do a lot to an office, not only can they make it seem more natural but they can also help with your levels of creativity and help to reduce stress. This is because, as humans, we need to be surrounded by greenery. Some studies have shown that having green plants in a workspace can help to reduce the number of sick days.

Get a Good-sized Desk

When it comes to the size of your desk, you will need plenty of room. Of course, you don’t need a huge desk. Opt for one that has enough space for your computer, a cup or glass, a plant, and anything else you might need. If the room you’re working in is not very big, consider having a corner desk as you might find that you can have a slightly larger desk.

Making your office better can help you to be a lot more productive. In addition to this, if you have an office that you enjoy spending time in, you’ll feel much better about your working day. Make those small changes that can make a huge difference.

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