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New build homes in the UK are becoming an increasingly popular choice for first time buyers; this has been evidenced in particular by the list price of new builds increasing by a quarter between 2020 and 2021, in comparison to an 8% rise in the cost of pre-existing homes.

The rise in demand for new build properties is predicated on a number of key benefits perceived by new buyers – from community to infrastructure and beyond. But what exactly are those benefits, and would they make choosing a new build property the right decision for you?

All In The Same Boat

One of the major advantages of new build developments lies in the community you can build there. With your prospective neighbours in the exact same position as you – everyone moving into a brand-new property on a brand-new development – there are no pre-existing cliques or neighbourhood associations to navigate.

Instead, everyone starts on the same page, which can be a huge positive for fostering positive neighbourly relations and an overall pleasant community. This can contrast heavily with certain areas in pre-existing neighbourhoods, where established relationships can sour an otherwise good choice of home.


Fundamentally speaking, new build developments are safer to live in than other homes in pre-existing neighbourhoods – and there is a number of key reasons for this. Firstly, industrial innovation has made higher-tech home security solutions much cheaper, enabling new-build homes to benefit from improved locking mechanisms.

Secondly, new builds are, by definition, new. Thieves and burglars operating in the wider geographic area will be unfamiliar with the layout of new neighbourhoods, making them more difficult to navigate than roads with which they are familiar.

Thirdly, new builds can be relatively central but are often enclosed communities. Not only does this deter crime, but it also reduces the risk of car-related injuries on the road – making the development safer for children to play in.

Modern Infrastructure

As previously touched upon, new build homes benefit from innovation. However, they do so in more ways than simple construction and security. New build developments are often kitted out with the latest infrastructure, in order to entice buyers at a premium price. In this case, infrastructure refers to everything from the quality of the roads to the fibre broadband that feeds to each home from beneath it. Here, newer constructions benefit from the onward march of technology and incorporate contemporary solutions straight away. As such, new build homeowners can enjoy modern conveniences with ease.

Dedicated Green Spaces

New builds also take into account consumer desire for access to green space – even where private gardens might not be a possibility. Some specific new build developments may not see each home get its own spacious back garden, but they nonetheless commit to green space access through the construction of communal gardens and green areas.

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