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living room

We are hoping that the living room will be one of the first rooms to be finished in the house, soon after the bathroom. I’ve spent a lot of time on Instagram and Pinterest putting together ideas and I think I have pretty much decided on what I want.

I loved how our last living room was decorated, so we will be recreating some aspects of that room. But because our new living room is much smaller, some things such as paint colour will need to change in order to keep the room as light and spacious feeling as possible.

So far we have had some of the room knocked back to brick to treat the damp, and then replastered. And the rewire has just finished, so next we need to replaster the areas that have been chased out by the electricians. This is what the space looks like at the moment…

living room

We are also trying to arrange a joiner to build some cupboards into our alcoves, and possibly lay our flooring. Getting hold of trades is never easy though so I’m not sure when that will get done. After that we can get on with the painting and putting the room back together, the exciting bit!

We are wanting the same flooring all through the downstairs but the kitchen/dining room isn’t being done until September so we’d like to at least try to get the flooring down in the living room now. Because honestly I’m already sick to death of dusty floorboards and we’re only a few weeks in!

Here’s a moodboard of my ideas for the lounge…

We have ordered our sofas from DFS. We’ve gone for the same style as we currently have, but our current corner sofa doesn’t work in the new living room. We’ve also gone for different colours and velvet fabric. They should be arriving in a few weeks, I can’t wait!

Eventually we plan to have a log burner installed but due to our tight budget and how expensive everything is at the moment, that will have to wait for a little while. When we do get around to it, we will tile inside the fireplace with the same star tiles as we used in the last house. But until then I think we will just paint it and possibly fill the opening with logs. What do you think?

So what do you think to my plans for our living room? I hope I’ll be able to share some progress with you in a few weeks time, fingers crossed!

Thank you for reading.


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