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When you get your first house or apartment, one of the first concerns is how to make it a home. You may not have enough furniture or accessories to fill up those spaces. Since you’ve probably maxed out your budget already, following a budgeted home décor plan may help you transform the new apartment into an ideal family home without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re living at The Towers at Rincon or one of those lower Manhattan high rise apartments, these tips will help you make all the difference:

1. Colour Everything Up

Gone are the days where everything was in a safe, neutral shade. While there’s nothing wrong with an even-toned beige or white, that sort of decorating can cost a pretty penny. Instead of trying to get everything adapted to a certain shade, go for color splashes wherever possible.

A family room is usually a busy space, so don’t hesitate about adding deep and bright colors to the walls, sofas, and rugs. If you’re looking for a more calming environment, go for cushions in varying shades of blue or green. The curtains and wall hangings can match. Remember to visit the thrift stores or flea market for such items if you don’t already have some at home.

Finally, see if you have the time and opportunity to paint at least one wall a beautiful color. This could be a family project to add a modern, upbeat touch to any home.

2. Let In The Light

If you’re trying to make your family room more inviting, there’s no need to block out all the natural light with curtains or blinds. Try having tie-back curtains. You can also do away with them altogether if possible. Having the windows free of curtains or covers would make any room seem bigger, which is what you want when the family’s all together!

Speaking of windows, you should look up some inexpensive window treatments that can really bring out their look. Again, this could be a fun project where the whole family pitches in and creates memories for years to come.

3. Upcycling Memories

If you want your family to love being in their new home, bring them the comfort they need. Make up some comfortable pillows or cushions from sweaters, dresses, or blankets that are no longer in use.

You can also stencil a meaningful quote, create a collage of memories, or hang up your children’s art in interesting ways. Don’t just stick it on the fridge; see if you can create an art wall or frame some of the more artistic pieces.

4. Make Activity Areas

Even if you have a small space available, create several areas in your home so that the family can enjoy themselves without feeling crowded. No, this doesn’t mean you shell out wads of cash to create divisions or have special color-coded spaces. All it takes is a bit of rearranging and creativity.

For instance, use that empty corner for a tiny table and a couple of chairs. This will create a cozy space for two people to enjoy a cup of coffee or just a comfortable chat in the evening. Get some bar stools at a garage sale to turn the kitchen counter into an eating area when required.

Large floor pillows look classy during the day and create a comfortable place to lie on while watching movies late at night. Get a sheepskin rug to throw over any chair and turn it into a modern yet comfy statement piece in no time. Whatever you end up doing, a little effort will definitely go a long way.

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