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German kitchens

*Disclaimer – This is a guest article*

German kitchens are popular across the globe for their innovative features, beautiful designs, and high-quality finish. Homeowners in the United Kingdom often prefer German kitchens over the high street options because of the many benefits they offer. German kitchen parts and components are assembled at the time of manufacturing, and they undergo thorough quality checks and testing by quality workers.

Above all, German kitchens are engineered and designed to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a home, with its unique and innovative features, helping homeowners to make the most out of their kitchen space.

So, if you have finally decided to remodel your old kitchen and are intrigued by the German kitchen designs, we have brought you a list of top German kitchen brands that might help you get the kitchen of your dreams.

#1 Schuller

Schuller German Kitchens are the definition of luxury and quality – the best your kitchen can get. The brand uses high-quality materials for producing every kitchen component and offers a range of finishes. For homeowners, they are looking for options – the more, the better. Schuller ensures that you get your desired style with ease. The best part is that the brand offers a warranty of 15 years on their products, which is quite impressive. Lastly, the bespoke kitchens they create for your space are environmentally friendly, meaning they only use wood from sustainable forests and make sure that no wood is wasted.

#2 Eggersman

Eggersman is another popular choice among UK homeowners because of the characteristics it provides to their kitchen. The use of excellent materials and clean line finishes are some of the attributes of Eggersman kitchens. The brand is renowned as an innovator in the field of kitchen design, and its sophisticated cabinet system proves that. You will love the kitchen cabinets and drawers they design – they are truly handle-less and offer a minimalistic design. Once installed, these kitchens are extremely durable and will cater to all types of kitchen users – from professional chefs to housewives and even those who cook occasionally.

#3 Next 125

Next 125 is a kitchen brand whose parent company is Schuller. Next 125 is Schuller’s high-end kitchen offering for customers who are willing to spend a fortune on their kitchen and consider it as an investment for the home. Compared to Schuller’s entry-level range, Next 125 has increased capacity and specifications, which is extremely good. For example, kitchens from Next 125 have 780mm high base units as compared to Schuller’s entry level range, which is only 720mm. Also, the components are produced sustainably by following environmentally friendly procedures. You can choose from a selection of finishes and materials for your modular kitchen.

#4 Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl is the oldest kitchen manufacturing brand in the world operating since 1892. All of their kitchen components are manufactured in Germany, and the homeowners highly appreciate this brand for its kitchen add-ons and storage accessories. They have answers to all your kitchen needs with a huge range of styles, colours, and designs. While its products can be expensive, but it is worth the investment because your Poggenpohl kitchen will remain intact for decades. You can have your kitchen remodelled as per your requirements with Poggenpohl.

#5 SieMatic

The last on our list is the kitchen from SieMatic. The company makes full kitchens in three different lines – Pure, Classic, and Urban. They have a variety of designs and styles across these ranges, which also includes traditional and minimalistic. The best part is that SieMatic offers kitchens at various price points, keeping in mind the budget customers.

Final Words

German kitchens are known for their class and quality. These brands can make your dream of having a German kitchen come alive. They can help you design and create your dream kitchen with premium quality products.

Thank you for reading.


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