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Top Tips for Pet Proofing your Home

pet proofing

As you’re probably aware, we recently got ourselves a new puppy and as cute as she is, she leaves a little path of destruction wherever she goes! So this guest post from Posh Flooring couldn’t be more fitting – especially the tips on removing pet urine from carpets!

Pets are a wonderful addition to any home, they provide us with laughter and love! The only downside… the mess they leave behind them! These are our top tips to pet proof your home…

Pet Hair

Pet hair can be a nightmare for pet owners, it can cling to absolutely everything and hangs in the air! Wooden flooring will be slightly easier to manage, as pet hair can be very easily picked up with a microfiber dry mop, you’ll find that hoovers generally just blow the hair around your house!

Carpet wise, we would recommend that you hoover twice, just to make sure that all the hair is picked up! You can also use a squeegee (normally used to clean windows), the hair sticks to the rubber and will collect it in small clumps.

Make sure you regularly brush your pet too, to avoid excess shedding.

Minimising scratches
Wooden floors and pet claws were never made to be best friends, but there is something you can do the minimise the appearance of scratches on your floor. A stain filled marker is a quick and easy way to touch up and marks. Otherwise sanding your floor may be a solution, if this is the case, it would be wise to consider applying a tougher finish on top of the wood, to avoid having to constantly repeat the process!
Brushed and oiled flooring will be your best friend if you’re looking for wood flooring! It already has a rugged, hard wearing look to it, so a few scratches will merely add to the effect!

Prevention is always the best solution, so make sure you frequently snip your pet’s nails!

Removing urine from your floor

Pets are prone to accidents, and there are some simple solutions to clean up and mess left behind. Wooden flooring is self explanatory, a paper towel or mop will quickly clean up any mess.

For carpets, a dry cloth/paper towel to dry the area. Then apply a solution of white vinegar and water, with baking soda sprinkled over the top as a neutraliser.

Pets are a wonderful presence to welcome into your home, hopefully this guide will help you pet proof your flooring and help with any solutions you may need!
Thanks for reading.

*Collaborative post*