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*This is a guest post*

Decorating your child’s room to create a soft and magical atmosphere, with ecological materials that favour their development and rest, is the challenge for all parents. Why not opt for stickers in your baby’s room? Which models to choose, where and how to place them? Everything you need to know about stickers for your baby is here.

Decorating your child’s room with stickers can bring softness and originality to the room, while creating a comforting and playful atmosphere. Stickers for the world of toddlers are often made up of light, pastel colours such as orange, yellow, blue and green. They usually represent animals (bears, giraffes, birds) or natural elements (mountains, trees, clouds) with simple shapes and contours. You can choose your stickers among different models:

  • Basic: simple stickers;
  • Phosphorescent: stars are the most popular in this category. These stickers glow when the light is off, which can be reassuring for your baby;
  • Slates: in all shapes and sizes, you can write with chalk and erase endlessly, just like on a blackboard.

You can also create a theme for your baby’s room by choosing specific stickers. Products derived from cartoons or children’s stories, bring magic and escapism to your baby’s dreams. One of the most popular characters in children’s bedrooms is undoubtedly The Little Prince and his faithful companion the fox.

Where to put stickers in your baby’s room? 

There are certain places to put these decorative wall stickers for kids. Glow-in-the-dark stickers are of course best placed on the ceiling as a shower of stars to watch over your child’s sleep. You can also place a few clouds or rays of sunshine just above the headboard or cot. Another idea that will amuse your child is to make a line of small characters, animals or other, at the height of your child on a part or a whole length of the wall.

Aesthetic wall stickers, as well as beautiful toises, will also find their place next to the bedroom door. A sticker with your child’s name on the outside of the door is a classic in a toddler’s decoration. Cute little stickers can also be personalised on some websites. It is not advisable to place stickers on patterned wallpaper if there is a lot of colour and variety. Too much visual information is not conducive to peace of mind and serenity.

How to put stickers in a baby’s room?

Applying stickers in a baby’s room is relatively simple. Patience and precision are essential to avoid the formation of air bubbles, visible on the surface. Take a squeegee (the same shape as a credit card), a cloth and a pair of scissors. The bottom of the sticker can be solid like a poster, or hollow and have empty spaces: the latter are more difficult to apply and require even more care to be perfectly smooth and without folds. A little advice: wait about a month before applying a sticker to fresh paint.

  • Clean your wall with your dry cloth and visualise the location of your sticker (make marks if necessary);
  • Peel off the backing on the back of the sticker, usually white and thicker;
  • If the sticker is large, do not remove the entire backing at once;
  • Carefully place the top of the sticker itself on the wall, and apply pression little by little with the scraper: from the inside to the outside;
  • Once the sticker is completely stuck on its surface, remove the transparent protective film;
  • Pierce any stubborn air bubbles with a needle.

Creating a harmonious and magical world in your baby’s room is now a child’s game, because it is so easy! Reproduce fifteen ideas for decorating children’s rooms with stickers: easy and quick to apply!

Thank you for reading.


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