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With the rise of home working, people around the country are looking at how to optimise their setup. Overlooked and underutilised space in the home is the perfect location for a home office. By converting your loft, you don’t have to take up any room in another area or compromise your interior design choices elsewhere.

Benefits of a loft office
  • Luxury: A loft conversion feels very lavish, augmenting your working attitude and imitating the sense of professionalism expected in an office environment.
  • Privacy: You’ll have more privacy while you work, which is especially important for meetings or if you’re dealing with sensitive information.
  • Fewer distractions: Working from home could be distracting if you don’t separate your working spaces from your domestic spaces.
  • Dedicated space: By having a dedicated space for work in your home, you’ll find it easier to mentally click into the right frame of mind to apply yourself to tasks.
Design aspects

Due to architectural features like roof lights, a loft conversion is likely to have a lot of natural light in comparison to other options on your property, like an office in a shed or box room. Being able to minimise artificial light is good for productivity, improves your mood while you work and saves energy.

With video calling a crucial part of working from home, a loft conversion provides more opportunity for an impressive professional backdrop. This is not the case when working in a shed or in a guest bedroom, where the backgrounds can be distracting or off-putting for colleagues and clients.


By doing a loft conversion, you add valuable space to your home. Not only is it useful as a home office, but it brings great storage potential.

The ceiling angles that usually accompany a loft conversion are often dismissed as too awkward to use. However, fitted wardrobes for eaves are an ideal option to maximise storage within your newly converted loft. By taking the in-built furniture all the way up to the ceiling, you make the most of every inch of space available to you.

Office furniture

Once you’ve installed fitted furniture for storage, the space will be streamlined with more available floor space. As loft space usually doesn’t need to be as multi-functional as other areas of the house, you’ll be able to invest in dedicated office equipment. Choose grand pieces like a solid, deep desk and an ergonomic chair for support.

Make sure you consider proximity to sockets when choosing your furniture – the last thing you want is to trail an extension lead up the stairs! Likewise, position your desk away from the eaves for optimal headroom.

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