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When we talk about sustainable home items, people come to think of things such as making the use of cardboard or recycling bottles as home decor. This isn’t always the case and while doing such things can help, sustainability doesn’t always equate to having to reuse or recycle furniture all the time. There’s no need to scour garage sales or vintage stores for that perfect side table (though doing so can help save you money!)

Can you buy sustainable furniture brand new? The answer is yes!

It truly is a matter of doing enough research to see if the company that made the furniture uses ethical means to procure raw materials. These companies may also be engaged in eco-friendly practices that make them stand out from the rest.

Remember that high quality furniture doesn’t have to be appreciated and created at the expense of the only planet we live on. Buy luxury furniture online that promotes sustainability.

Here are reasons how and why sustainable furniture can make a difference.

Carbon footprint is reduced

What is carbon footprint? By definition, it means the amount of greenhouse gasses that are emitted by our actions. On average, a person can emit 4 tons of carbon footprint going as high as 16 tons in some countries.

Just by the items you buy, you are already contributing to your own carbon footprint. As for furniture, you can buy sustainable items that were created using less carbon footprint than the others. Here are four factors that affect it:

  • Materials used – this factor varies a lot and you can recycle or reuse certain materials. It can also be harvested from the environment as a raw material but with low impact. A good example of raw materials such as this is bamboo, a hardy and flexible plant that grows easily and quickly. Boatwood is another example. These are pieces of wood from decommissioned fishing vessels.
  • Building process – if the furniture is made by machine, it defeats the purpose of being a sustainable piece of furniture. Go for pieces that are handmade.
  • Transportation – how is the furniture transported? Buying local lessens carbon footprint.
  • Durability – sustainable furniture should last a lifetime – perhaps even more. After all, the purpose is lessen wastage. If you keep buying cheap furniture that ends up being replaced after a certain number of years, you’re not helping the environment.
Makes use of materials that have been discarded

One man’s trash is another’s treasure.

This is nothing further than the truth when it comes to sustainable furniture. One of the most unique and beautiful pieces of furniture have materials that have been discarded, reducing the number of waste in landfills.

Timber is an awesome material that changes as it undergoes the process of curing, sanding, and finishing. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for woodcraft.

Unique pieces come out of sustainable choices

Even when the pieces are made of the same material, there will be markings and ridges that make each one stand out or different from each other. This is the beauty of using sustainable materials – wood craftsmen come up with furniture that are never truly the same!

Another thing to appreciate about is that due to its uniqueness, you have one-of-a-kind furniture that only YOU own in your home!

Sustainable furniture can be ANYTHING

Any type of furniture can be made out of materials that have less carbon footprint. From your bed frame to your kitchen stool, practically any household furniture item can be sustainable!

The best part is that no matter your style, there’s bound to be a piece that suits your needs and tastes. Whether it’s chic, modern, minimalist or vintage, sustainable furniture choices are readily available.

Thank you for reading.


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