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Whether it be knitting a scarf or personalising a wooden tray, having a craft hobby is a great way to relax. You forget about work or day to day life stresses and solely focus on your project. Some hobbies can be restrictive but there are several arts and crafts you can do without even leaving the house.

1. Woodburning

Pyrography is the art of using a heat tool to burn stencilled or freehand designs into wood. Whether you want to create a personalized gift or something with an intricate design, the choices are endless. Like any craft, you must get the right tools. This makes it easier to learn and can give a better, more professional result. Pyrography kits are readily available and very reasonably priced, making this an ever-growing and very popular craft. Stencils are also available to buy online.

2. Knitting 

Whether you are watching TV, talking to friends or listening to music, you can always have the knitting needles out! Popular with young and old, it’s a timeless craft. From baby blankets and clothes to jumpers, hats, and scarves, hand knitting is always a beautiful and welcomed gift.

3. Cross-stitch

Cross stitch is a form of sewing using embroidery threads to make a pattern on fabric such as linen or aida cloth. The stitcher uses a chart and creates stitches using a cross formation which builds to make the chosen design. There are various patterns available both online and in stores. Kits are also available and come with designs already printed on the fabric to make it easier for beginners.

4. Vinyl cutting

Vinyl cutting is becoming an extremely popular hobby these days due to the availability of more affordable vinyl cutting machines. These used to be prohibitively expensive and primarily used by signwriters but it is now a popular home hobby. The machines cut both adhesive and heat transfer vinyl as well as a wide range of other materials such as card, felt and fabric. Heat transfer vinyl (otherwise known as HTV) adheres to fabric using extremely high heat which melts the backing. This allows the user to create bespoke clothing, bags, and other items. Adhesive vinyl can be used on notepads, mugs, acrylic and any other non-porous materials.

5. Card making

Card making is popular with all ages and abilities. Whether it’s making a card for a family member or sending best wishes to a loved one, a handmade card is always treasured. Some card makers like to recycle and use items they already have, some prefer buying new products. You can make them as detailed or as basic as you want. If you have a printer at home you can create your own designs and print straight onto your card. You can also embellish cards by adding glitters, cornichons or brads. There are millions of acrylic and rubber craft stamp designs available. Used alongside inks, embossing powders and alcohol or pigment markers, you can create some truly amazing designs. The only restriction is your imagination.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post*